IK-Studio Q&A  #22

IK-Studio Q&A #22

Hi lords, how are you this week? Christmas is almost here! Today we’re seeing the first snowfall in Norheim, we hope everyone can have fun outside! Alright, let’s check out the next issue of our IK Studio Q&A.
IK-Studio Q&A #21

IK-Studio Q&A #21

We meet again, lords! How are you doing this week? Come on, let’s check out the 21st issue of our IK Studio Q&A.
IK-Studio Q&A  #20

IK-Studio Q&A #20

Hi lords! This baby dragon is here to share the 20th issue of the IK Studio Q&A with you. Wow, has it already been 20 issues?!
IK-Studio Q&A #19

IK-Studio Q&A #19

Hi lords, let’s welcome the 19th issue of the IK-Studio Q&A!
Patch 1.7 Notes

Patch 1.7 Notes

The Jack-o'-Lanterns of Ghost Fiesta are still on and it's time for lords to welcome the biggest update ever seen in Norheim! Legion of Frostborne, the highly anticipated multi-server GVG game mode, is here. In this game mode, Lords from various servers will travel to the Frozen Realm to negotiate, forming partnerships, and fight each other for the ultimate victory.