Patch 1.8 Notes

Patch 1.8 Notes

As the next round of Legion of Frostborne is about to enter its war phase, another Infinity Kingdom update is coming amidst the ice and snow. All our Lords have displayed great valor and wisdom in the Frozen Realm. Version 1.8 brings the official start of the Season system, applying to all servers. As the seasons progress, new level limits and content will be unlocked. Continue reading for all the details of this update, and prepare to embrace a new and expansive future.
IK-Studio Q&A  #22

IK-Studio Q&A #22

Hi lords, how are you this week? Christmas is almost here! Today we’re seeing the first snowfall in Norheim, we hope everyone can have fun outside! Alright, let’s check out the next issue of our IK Studio Q&A.
IK-Studio Q&A #21

IK-Studio Q&A #21

We meet again, lords! How are you doing this week? Come on, let’s check out the 21st issue of our IK Studio Q&A.
IK-Studio Q&A  #20

IK-Studio Q&A #20

Hi lords! This baby dragon is here to share the 20th issue of the IK Studio Q&A with you. Wow, has it already been 20 issues?!
IK-Studio Q&A #19

IK-Studio Q&A #19

Hi lords, let’s welcome the 19th issue of the IK-Studio Q&A!