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View Memories

We excitedly stand in front of the world

Holding your hand

Taking our first step into Norheim

With version 1.2 in April

The power of ruling has been strengthened

The king can bring forth rewards and punishments

With version 1.3 in May

The path to Evernight Labyrinth shines

Immortal Artifacts were found

The portal to Illusion Battlefield shimmers

In June, we welcomed version 1.4

Fighting side by side with allies

In Infernal Assault

Foiling the Gnomes' plans

Entering the Battle of Asteria

Clearing mutated lifeforms

Norheim remembers all your feats

Along comes version 1.5 in July

Malena's Ambition is clear

Brave alliances accept this challenge

Resisting invasions from the Gnomes

Fearless, as human beings are

Version 1.6 comes online

Throne of the Supreme kicks off

With 117190 lords competing

With a total of 105342282 bonuses from Lucky Guess

The path to the throne is long but not lonely

Version 1.7

brings a large-scale cross-server battle

The Legion of Frostborne

On a whole new map

Thermal Towers being built

Endless cold and darkness being dispelled

The Gnome's Capital is nearby

The flames of unity guides your allies forward

A year has passed

Lords never stopped building and developing

A total of 114752 alliances were created

Lords marched a total of 5844512456km

128538821721145 resources were collected

51305 cities were captured

451779567 Gnomes were defeated

Thank you for all your work in Norheim

Here's an anniversary gift!

{0}y, {1}m, {2}d

You came to Norheim

Ever since that day

Resources for your territory reach {0}

You've collected {0} resources

You've prayed at the Wishing Fountain {0} times

You've sped up queues by {0} min

And finally, you have a Lv.{0} Castle

But with development, comes war

Battles can come at any moment

You have fought other lords {0} times

Obtained {0} Honor

{0} troops died in your endeavors


The day you fought the most battles

Do you remember what started the war?

War is eternal

{0} is the first alliance you ever joined

{0} is the alliance you stayed the longest in

You've received help from allies {0} times

Participated in {0} rallies

Sent {0} messages in the alliance chat

Received {0} alliance mail

No matter where you go in the future

We may meet again

Thanks for your support as always

Here's a gift for you

An elemental pearl just for you

Its serial code is {0} Copy

It symbolizes

Collect 7 elemental pearls to obtain a big gift
Your code

Congratulations on obtaining this anniversary gift!

The gift has been sent to your mail.

Thank you for all your love and support

We hope you'll continue having fun with us

Gain more honor and joy in Norheim

Collect 7 elemental pearls to obtain a big gift

1. Collect 7 different colored elemental pearls to win great rewards!

2. Each lord has one elemental pearl, which has a specific color and unique code.

3. Copy your code and share it with your friends! They can exchange it for an elemental pearl like yours.

4. Each elemental pearl code can be redeemed 10 times max.

5. Tap the "Exchange" button and enter a friend's code to obtain an elemental pearl like theirs.

6. Tap the "Craft" button to randomly craft two extra elemental pearls into an unowned new one.

7. After collecting 7 elemental pearls, you'll receive the exclusive anniversary gift in the mail!

Failed to obtain