Official Statement

Official Statement

To ensure a fair gaming environment for all players, guarantee player account security, and maintain the balance of the game. The Infinity Kingdom operation team hereby declares that the official will strictly prohibit any bot plug-in, third-party payments, resource selling, and other behaviors that disrupt the game balance. The following brief introduction for you all to refer to.
Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.0 Notes

Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.0 Notes

This update will include major changes to the Contention of Relics. Progressive rounds, more lucrative rewards, and more balanced Energy Cube output will allow you to get to the Contention of Relics more quickly and smoothly. The new diversionary magic of the Titantula will also greatly enhance your sense of participation and achievement. Read the full patch notes to discover more details about this update!
Infinity Kingdom Patch 0.15 Notes

Infinity Kingdom Patch 0.15 Notes

The first update of 2021 is coming to Infinity Kingdom! Though 0.15 is a light patch, it still packs lots of exciting new contents such as Territory Rally and Online Rewards.
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源义经-英语 源义经-英语 源义经-英语
列奥尼达 列奥尼达 列奥尼达
凯撒 凯撒 凯撒
花木兰 花木兰 花木兰
贞德 贞德 贞德
亚历山大 亚历山大 亚历山大
罗宾汉 罗宾汉 罗宾汉

7 types of elements dragons dwell in a mysterious dragon cave, and only the bravest warriors could awaken them.


There are more than 50 powerful Immortals from various civilizations ready to the aid of humanity.


Choose from three kingdoms with different temperaments to defend the glory of the human kind!


With Immortals and dragons at your side, march into the battle to repel those gnomes who are coveting the Philosopher Stone!


Arrange your Immortals according to their Troop Type, Element and Position to achieve a formidable formation!