2.6.6 Patch Notes

2.6.6 Patch Notes

How time flies! Infinity Kingdom is thrilled to celebrate its 3rd anniversary in February. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and affection, as we've journeyed together through these past three years. As our anniversary approaches, we've prepared numerous new features and events, along with an abundance of optimizations based on your suggestions. Exciting additions include Equipment Gem Slotting, the Legendary Skill "Ride Fast", and the Immortal Guide feature. Additionally, our Alliance Alleviation Scheme continues with various alliance optimizations to streamline your gameplay experience. Enjoy!
2.6.5 Version Patch

2.6.5 Version Patch

Big news from Norheim! As the factions rose, players had been active in the Arena and Throne of the Supreme. However, battles were not satisfying enough with their many restrictions, and it was hard to find a worthy opponent. Therefore, with this new version, the developers followed the community feedback and introduced the new Free Arena in the hope that players could enjoy a thrilling combat experience in a competitive environment that would be free and fair. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran player returning to Norheim, you are free to fully utilize your strategies in the Free Arena. The tournament is now available. Who will win the first round of the season? We can't wait to see! This article will tell you everything you need to know about this update. Take a look and get ready for your next adventure!
2.6.3 Version Patch

2.6.3 Version Patch

In this version, the new cultivation system Immortal Portrait will become available, granting more bonuses for your Immortals. In addition, One-click Equipment Dismantle, new permissions for Alliance R5, and other optimizations are also included in this log. We wish you pleasant reading!
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源义经-英语 源义经-英语 源义经-英语
列奥尼达 列奥尼达 列奥尼达
凯撒 凯撒 凯撒
花木兰 花木兰 花木兰
贞德 贞德 贞德
亚历山大 亚历山大 亚历山大
罗宾汉 罗宾汉 罗宾汉






7 types of elements dragons dwell in a mysterious dragon cave, and only the bravest warriors could awaken them.


There are more than 50 powerful Immortals from various civilizations ready to the aid of humanity.


Choose from three kingdoms with different temperaments to defend the glory of the human kind!


With Immortals and dragons at your side, march into the battle to repel those gnomes who are coveting the Philosopher Stone!


Arrange your Immortals according to their Troop Type, Element and Position to achieve a formidable formation!