Infinity Kingdom Patch 0.11 Notes


Our next game update (version 0.11) is almost ready to be released into the wild! We've made a ton of visual improvements to the game in this version, as well as added a whole new chat sticker pack! We've also adjusted some Immortal and Tower of Knowledge skills and optimized many parts of the game. For any inconvenience the adjustments to the Immortal and Tower of Knowledge skills may cause, we are offering the following compensation to all players: [ Gem×500, Philosopher Stone×3, 15-min Speedup×10, and Market Order×30]. You can claim the items above after updating the game. Come check it now!


Gameplay Changes

Immortal Adjustments

1.Harald III—Glacier Incursion: This skill now reduces the Defense of front-line enemies in addition to dealing damage. Direct damage at max level reduced from 600% to 500%. Continuous damage at max level reduced from 380% to 300%;

2.Medb - Lure of the Thorns: Targeting changed from all enemies within range to 3 random units. Direct damage at max level reduced from 290% to 250%. Continuous damage at max level increased from 90% to 100%;

3.Gilgamesh - Golden Capital: Continuous damage at max level reduced from 120% to 80%;

4.Mulan - Breaking Attack: Dodge effect no longer stacks with other dodge effects;

5.Pelayo - Apocalypse: Direct damage at max level reduced from 330% to 300%. Continuous damage at max level reduced from 120% to 100%;

6.Amanitore - Gandaʼs Glory: Regeneration rate reduced from 170% to 130%;

7.Equipment Strengthen: Equipment Resonance reduced from Lvl. 10 to Lvl. 5.

8.Effects: All shield effects and healing effects are reduced by 15%.


Tower of Knowledge Adjustments

1.Fighting Will: Root duration increased from 3s to 4s,  Root chance increased from 9%-30% to 13.5%-45%;

2.Support: Regeneration rate at max level increased from 275% to 350%;

3.Grace: Regeneration rate at max level increased from 150% to 200%.



Added a new chat sticker pack.


Building Optimizations

1.Treasury: Added a new Key tool that lets you open chests directly. There is also a chance of getting Keys during daily missions;

2.Barracks: Dismissing Barracks returns 80% of your original resources (previously no return);

3.Training Grounds: Canceling training returns 80% of your resources (previously 50%);

4.Arena: After fighting for 45 seconds, all heroes will receive +10% Attack every 3 seconds.



1.The VIP level purchased using a Growth Fund is now VIP3.


UI Optimization and Visual Improvements

We have been improving the interface visuals throughout the test period, and the response time and speed of the interactive animations. We have made improvements to the following areas:

1.Optimized the Player Talent interface;

2.Adjusted the layout of the Immortal Overview UI;

3.Improved the Mail interface;

4.Optimized UI and animations for the Wishing Fountain;

5.Optimized the Alchemy Lab UI;

6.Optimized the Castle Assign interface;

7.Optimized the Arena Battle visuals;

8.Optimized the Bundles interface;

9.Optimized the Market interface;

10.Improved visual effects for the world map, Gnomes and Treasury.


These are all the improvements we're rolling out in version 0.11. We hope these changes will provide players with greatly improved visuals, a better user experience, and smoother gameplay and animations throughout the entire game. We have also made changes to balance out some of the more overpowered Immortals. As compensation for any inconvenience these adjustments may cause, all players will receive 【Gem×500, Philosopher Stone×3, 15-min Speedup×10, and Market Order×30】after updating the game.


Infinity Kingdom has been in open beta for a while now, and we want to take this time to thank each and every one of you that have stuck with us and given so much support and encouragement for the game! Thanks to your suggestions, the game has seen some major improvements and changes over these past few months. We will continue to carefully monitor the in-game environment, balance gameplay, and optimize game modes and functions to deliver the best game experience possible. If you have any more comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to send them our way!



Infinity Kingdom development team