Infinity Kingdom Patch 0.10.0 Notes


Hey guys, it has been a month since the 0.9.0 update, we have brought many improvements and adjustments to the game during the past month. You will see many changes in the new 0.10.0 version, including graphic optimizations, Immortal balance changes and all kinds of changes to improve your game experience. We are also adding two brand new dragons: the Holy Dragon & Shadow Dragon, plus new emojis created based on different Immortals.

In addition, we have added some new Immortals and changed the access for some Immortals. We have modified the rewards for some events and in some VIP chests. Regarding the combat system, we have removed the Morale mechanics and added the minor/severe wound mechanics. For the inconveniences caused by the new changes, we will send compensation to every Lord and Ladies: Gem×3000, Philosopher Stone×10, War Insignia×50, 60-minute Speedup×10. You can claim the items above after updating the game. Come check it now! 


New Dragons: Holy Dragon, Shadow Dragon


1. New Dragons: Holy Dragon

Lukstra, the Holy dragon is peaceful and gentle. It is a good support dragon on the battlefield. Lukstra has a balanced physical attack and magical attack, and an excellent physical defense. It can provide HP restorations to your units and lower the damage inflicted by enemy units.

*Baby Holy Dragon

*Adult Holy Dragon

Lucasta’s skills:

Divine Protection: Restores HP for all friendly units, and has a chance to lower the damage inflicted by 2 random enemy units for 12 seconds.

Judgment Roar: Has a chance to lower the damage inflicted by 3 random units for 12 seconds.

Infinite Galaxy: Increases Crit and Dodge for all friendly Immortals. Increases the damage dealt by friendly Holy Immortals.


2. New Dragon: Shadow Dragon

Melanthios the Shadow Dragon seems always to have trouble with Lucasta. Melanthios is a loner and it devours people’s hope like endless darkness.

*Baby shadow Dragon

*Adult Shadow Dragon

Melanthios’s skills:

Dark Breath: Causes true damage to the enemy unit with the lowest HP. If the target dies, any excess damage will be dealt to all enemy units.

Eclipse: Has a chance of inflicting Silence on 3 random enemy units, leaving them unable to gain Energy or cast skills for 8 seconds.

Force of Evil: Increases Crit and Dodge for all friendly Immortals. Increases the damage dealt by friendly Shadow Immortals if they command more than a certain amount of troops.




1. Kingdom Bonuses

After joining a kingdom, players will receive a special bonus based on their choice:

Ydvia - Spearmen HP +5% 

Ruslan - Cavalry HP +5% 

Vitas - Shieldmen HP +5%


2. Dragons

1) We have modified the dragons’ high-tier skills. They now provide a bonus to Immortals of the same element:

Fire Dragon: Increases damage dealt by friendly Fire Immortals when they have an active buff.

Water Dragon: Increases damage dealt by friendly Water Immortals when inflicting Magical Damages.

Earth Dragon: Increase damage done by friendly Earth Immortals protected by a shield.

Lightning Dragon: Increases damage done by friendly Lightning Immortals when any enemy unit has an active debuffs.

Wind Dragon: Increases damage done by friendly Wind Immortals.

Shadow Dragon: Increases damage done by friendly Shadow Immortals when they command more than a certain amount of troops.

Holy Dragon: Increases skill damage for friendly Holy Immortals.

2) Added a dragon collection page, and 4 different quest lines that allow players to hatch the corresponding dragons:

*Dragon Collection Page


3. Optimizations for Alliance feature:

1) Alliance Donations: Players now can only make Gem donations 12 hours after they joined an Alliance. The Gem donation limit is determined based on players’ VIP level.

2) NPC Comments feature: Players can see comments from NPCs about different Alliance members, offering an interesting interactive experience.

3) Shortcut for joining a Rally: Alliance members can now join a rally from the chat page.

4) Alliance Experience Changes: We have increased the EXP points required for leveling up the Alliance. You need more EXP points to reach the next Alliance level, but your current progress will not be changed. For instance: If you have 50% of the required EXP before the update, you will still have 50% after the update, but you will need more EXP points to reach the next level.

5) Cooldown Time Reduction: After quitting an Alliance, the cooldown time before you can join a new Alliance is reduced from 24 hours to 15 minutes.


4. Lord Talent Changes:

1) Frighten: Changed from increasing enemy Morale drop rate by 100% to reducing enemy energy recovery rate by 10%.

2) Pack Light: AP cost reductions changed to -1%/-2%/-3%/-4%/-5%.

3) Experienced: Daily limit raised from 3 to 4.

4) Fully Loaded: Carrying Capacity bonus increased from 50% to 100%. 

*Lord Talent Changes


5. Combat System:

1) Removed Morale mechanics. The battle results will be determined by the remaining HP for both sides.

2) Added a new minor/severe wound mechanics. Troops will return to normal status if they have a minor wound. The troops with a severe wound will be sent to the Hospital and cannot be used until they are healed.


6. Tower of Knowledge:

1) Activating a skill no longer requires fragments of specific Immortals. You can now activate skills with Soul Crystals.

2) Soul Crystals can also be used to upgrade a skill or strengthen the skill effect.

3) You can reset an upgraded skill to retrieve some of the Soul Crystals invested on the skill. Players who have already activated skills in the Tower of Knowledge will receive a proper number of Soul Crystals as compensation.


7. World Map Changes: Lv.11-15 Gnome units no longer drops orange equipment pieces.

8. Occupation Buff: Occupying Towns will no longer grant any buffs to the occupier.

9. Level & Tax Rate: We have optimized the level and tax rate settings for certain cities.

10. Community Features: Added shortcuts for Discord and Instagram on the Community panel.

*New Community Panel


11. Chat: New emojis

*New Emojis


Interface and UX Optimization, Graphic Improvements


We have received many player feedback regarding the game interfaces and UX. Here are the optimizations we have included for this update:

1. Tower of Knowledge Interface Optimizations:

Tower of Knowledge should be one of the most mysterious and the most powerful place on Norheim. We have rearranged the interface for this feature and added more elements about Alchemy.

*Tower of Knowledge Interface Optimizations


2. Interface Changes for Events and Academy Feature:

*New Events Panel


3. Gnome units and Resource Deposits Image Updates:

*New Gnome units and Resource Deposits Image 


4. Graphic Improvement for Day/Night shift and Terrain effect:

*World Map Graphic Improvements


5. New 3D Fortification Feature:

*New 3D Fortification Feature


6. Interface Optimizations for Events: Optimized the interface for 7-Day and daily events.


Immortal Changes


We have received some feedback from you regarding the game balances. Your suggestions and comments under our 0.9.0 Patch Notes post are very helpful and inspiring. After an internal discussion about the new balancing ideas. In the new 0.10.0 version, we have adjusted the Immortals’ energy recovery mechanics and modified their Energy Recovery speed and damages. We have also added some new Immortals and modified their access. Here are the changes we have made:

1. Immortal Access:

New Immortals: You can now summon Saladin, William I, Yi Seong-gye, Ashoka and Harald III in the Hall of Immortals.

Access Changes for 6 Immortals: Emperor Charlemagne, Empress Wu, Siegfried, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Theodora are no longer available in the Hall of Immortals. They will be available exclusively in future events.


2. Immortal Skill Changes:

1) Divine Gift - Theodora: The triggering threshold now increased from 30% to 50%.

2) Path of Flame - Frederick I: We changed the skill from “have 67% chance to restore HP” to “skill restores HP equal to 30% of its damage”.

3) Wind Ruler - King Arthur: We increased the damage reflection chance from 35% to 60%.

4) Golden Ruler - Julius Caesar: We increased its chance of disarming enemy units from 35% to 45%.

5) Raging Flames - Sanada Yukimura: We increase its chance of disarming enemy units from 35% to 45%.

6) Justice Raid - Robin Hood: We increased the skill damage from 180% to 280%. Instead of charming the target unit, the skill now has a 35% chance to slow the enemy for a period of time.

7) Lakelight Strike – Lancelot: We removed the skill’s dodge bonus and changed it from a single-target skill to a multi-target skill. The skill now deals damages to all enemy frontline units.

8) Breaking Attack – Mulan: Changed from having 50% chance of causing Weaken effect to increasing own Dodge by 30%.

9) Freedom Cry - William Wallace: Changed from causing a Physical Damage AoE to inflicting Physical Damage to enemy units in front of him.

10) Prophecy – Merlin: Increased the basic skill damage and changed from causing Elemental Weakness effect to inflicting 50% extra damage to enemy units with Chilled effect.

11) Blizzard - Helen of Troy: Changed from causing a Magical Damage AoE to inflicting Magical Damage to 3 random enemy units every 3 seconds, each hit has a chance to cause Chilled effect that reduces the target’s Attack Speed for 12 seconds.

12) Divine Strike – Hippolyta: Casts divine flames 5 times on random enemy units to inflict physical damages (Damage Factor 36%), reducing their energy by 100 points. Reduces the target units’ Attack Speed by 10% for 6 seconds, this effect can be stacked.

13) Mighty Thunder - Peter the Great: We replaced the skill’s magical damage with buff dispelling and extra physical damage (Damage Factor: 165%).

14) Viper's Touch – Cleopatra: We reduced the skill’s Damage Factor from 184.6% to 153%, and its chance to root a unit from 30.6% to 25.5%.

15) Golden Capital – Gilgamesh: We increased the skill’s Damage Factor from 72% to 120%.


3. Market Changes:

1)New Immortal Soul Crystals available in the Market: Saladin, William I, Yi Seong-gye, Ashoka and Harald III.

2) Removed the Soul Crystals from the Market: Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan and Theodora

3) Changed the price for certain items sold in the Market, and Soul Crystals can no longer be used to buy Speedup items.


4. Arena Shop Changes: Changed the Soul Crystals available in the Arena Shop: Replacing Julius Caesar and Siegfried Soul Crystals with Attila the Hun and Qin Emperor.

5. Stats Changes: Changed the attributes provided by Immortal Equipment and Immortal Upgrades.


Experiences Optimizations


1. Opening CG: The opening CG can now be skipped and the game tutorial has been shortened.

2. Building Feature Optimizations:

1) Training Grounds: Increase its capacity from 10K to 110K.

2) Treasury: Added a progress bar when purifying a Dragon Chest.

3) Alchemy Lab: You can now dismantle Immortal Fragments without unlocking the corresponding Immortal.

3. Speedup Use: Reduced the Gem costs for marching speedups and recall speedups


Bug Fix


1. Corrected the tax for Lv.9 Castle to 20 Gems/h.

2. Fixed the bug where troop eliminations caused by Fortifications grant Honor points to players.


Events & VIP Changes

1. First Purchase Reward: Replaced Mulan with Joan of Arc as the reward for the First Purchase event.

2. Daily Missions: Changed the objective and rewards for some missions.

3. VIP Chest: Replaced the Mulan Soul Crystals with Joan of Arc Soul Crystals in the VIP 1 – VIP 4 chests. Replaced the Hannibal Barca Soul Crystals with Julius Caesar Soul Crystals in the VIP 4 – VIP 9 chests. Replaced the Julius Caesar Soul Crystals with Elizabeth Báthory Soul Crystals in the VIP 10 – VIP 14 chests. Players who have already bought the VIP chests above will receive the same amount of Immortal Soul Crystals as compensation.

4. VIP Privileges Change: Reduced the speedup bonuses provided by some VIP privileges.

5. Experience Change: Changed the experience points required to upgrade VIP levels. For VIP players, the necessary Experience points to reach the next level are not affected.

Above are the changes for the 0.10.0 version. We have introduced new content as well as changes and optimizations. We are eager to hear your feedback about this update. And we apologize for all the inconvenience caused by the changes for the Arena Shop and other events. We have prepared the following compensations: Gem×3,000, Philosopher Stone×10, War Insignia×50, and 60-minute Speedup×10. Please note that we have recently made some minor adjustments and updated the game to version 0.10.1.

We have received lots of suggestions even though Infinity Kingdom is only available in certain regions. We appreciate the support and interest in our game! We will continue to optimize the game to bring you an even better game experience!

Now let’s meet again in the game after the update! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problems!