IK-Studio Q&A #3


Hi everyone, I’m back! I’m Ignatius, here for the third IK-Studio Q&A! Let’s check these comments out:


1. A question from Server 1’s den4ik: добрый день подскажите планируется ли введение дополнительных навыков у драконов и доп уровни замков или 40 это предел? (Good afternoon, tell me if you plan to introduce additional skills for dragons and additional levels of castles or 40 is this the limit?)

Arimaxie: Yes! We are working on new dragons, Immortals and castle levels, so please be patient!


2. A question from Server 41’s Maple: How do I get the top fan avatar frame?

Mipha: All you need to do is to interact with our Facebook page (likes, comments, or sharing posts) to have a chance to get the Super Fan badge. We’ll hold Super Fan events on our Facebook page often, and give out special decorations (such as Avatar Frame, Nameplate or Chat Msg Box) to Super Fans that leave their ID! So come say hi on Facebook and you may get an Avatar Frame too!


3. A question from Server 47’s TaterdsailT: What is the difference between designer and operator?

Sammy: A designer is in charge of designing the game, and an operator is in charge of game operations!


4. A comment from Server 50’s Astraea: I think it's important to have a voice chat feature especially for alliances during city takeovers. Please consider this.

Liuqing: Since we have lords from all over the world that speak different languages, we think a voice chat feature would cause some issues. But we’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind!


5. A question from Server 51’s LUCKYSTAR: When can get kingom vs kingdom

Daye: We’re currently working on this feature, please be patient!