Official Statement


To ensure a fair gaming environment for all players, guarantee player account security, and maintain the balance of the game. The Infinity Kingdom operation team hereby declares that the official will strictly prohibit any bot plug-in, third-party payments, resource selling, and other behaviors that disrupt the game balance.

The following brief introduction for you all to refer to. 



Bots (including third-party programs or any cheated plug-in). 

1. Bots can completely imbalance the game for regular players and may even steal users' personal information. 

2. Players cannot perceive abnormal game behaviors caused by the use of bots, resulting in irreversible game operations.

3. Using bots may result in the theft of the account password and loss of account.

Players will be issued bans corresponding to the severity of their botting activity.


Third-party Payment

For the safety of your account, we ask all governors to refrain from the use of any unofficial payment channels. These platforms are frequently linked to credit card theft, fraud, and unauthorized gift cards. Using them may result in the theft of your personal information, game account, or credit card information, and you run the risk of never receiving your purchase. After receiving your money, some platforms may request a refund for your purchases, resulting in you losing resources or even receiving a permanent account ban for refund abuse. If you have any questions about in-app purchases, please contact us by contacting in-game Customer Service.


Resource Seller

Heavy punishments will be issued to both buyers and sellers, including reclaiming purchased resources, deactivating certain game functions, and issuing permanent account bans.

We will not be able to provide player support services for accounts involving violations.