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After our interview with Bigsam, many other players contacted us and wanted to share their stories too! Today we invited four players from the TG (@THE GODIES) to our chat room, where they discussed their alliance, their worthy adversary @AQUA, and secret crushes! We had a lot to talk about, so scroll down and see what they had to say!


First off, welcome everyone! KILLtheMOD, AREA51, and BlooDWorK! Applause, please!

First let's talk about the TG alliance!

Interviewer-Piou: How do you feel about your alliance now? What difficulties have you encountered as a member of your alliance and how did everyone resolve them?

BlooDWorK: Well...Actually the first and only problem was the change of our leader... First we were growing and eventually became the second-strongest alliance. But with time, she wasn't able to handle her duties anymore, so she left... That made us uncoordinated and struggle a bit... But now we got a reliable officer—@KILLtheMOD, and we should be back to our glory days soon... I don't think we've experienced any other problems so far. We do also have some inactive guys, but that is something we are about to change... Anyhow, we are doing great lol!

AREA51: For me, our alliance has been great! We are the TG (@THE GODIES). We have a helpful leader and trustworthy fellow alliance members. We’ve got each other’s backs and I feel like we are one as a team. From what I remember, we haven’t encountered any difficulties. Because we are the greatest alliance lmao

KILLtheMOD: My alliance used to be so active! However, after our leader, Zaniah, quit the game, TG (@The Godies, our alliance) sort of crumbled, and our officers were thrown into complete disarray. Eventually, the top players in our alliance assumed the leadership duties. The problem of people becoming less active had been resolved until even fewer people in TG played the game. Because of that, our top players changed alliances. We're still friends with each other and are ready to help them out at any time. Currently, Mcflurry aka Navigate from S2 took over TG. I was one of the people who were nominated as his officer. Now we'll do our own thing at a slow and steady pace, just how our leader and respectable guy leader Mcflurry wants it. And I hope the people in TG aren’t blaming me for being too chatty and always sending messages/mail like every... idk 3 hours xD


Interviewer-Piou: Do you have anything to say to the members or the leader of the alliance? Let your voice be heard!

BlooDWorK: Everyone's doing a great job... I would love to communicate more with my fellow alliance members though... We are one big funny family with the best leader and officers.

AREA51: I want to tell our leader that he's always been the best. Our alliance is one of the greatest. We will continue with his mission.

KILLtheMOD: As an officer of TG... I thank everyone who has helped the alliance as a whole, even though we are relatively new to each other. Some of us are from old servers, while others, including myself, are from new servers, but we have a good chemistry going. I hope that we won't make the same mistake of having unsuitable officers and leader, who were the prime cause behind member inactivity in the old TG days, and that we'll do our own thing at a slow and steady pace, just how Mcflurry wants it. We may be from different countries, but together we are strong. One TG forever :D 

PS: I AM SORRY FOR ALWAYS BEING SO LOUD IN THE CHAT xD I know I send stuff like every 3 hours or something LOL


And now...the alliance you want to beat the most! Tell us all about them!

Interviewer-Piou: Which alliance do you guys want to beat the most?

AREA51: AQUA! They are our mortal enemies. 

KILLtheMOD: AQUA! Especially FamouZ! lol

Interviewer-Piou: We will pass on this letter of challenge to them!

BlooDWorK: Yay…They are going to receive something else from us too.


@AQUA @FamouZ 

Interviewer-Piou: Got any stories to share about you guys LOLOL? 

BlooDWorK: I don't know about this story with Aqua and Bigsam…From my short memory, it happened while I was inactive…

AREA51: It's okay. Just tell them that Famouz is not that good.

KILLtheMOD: Don't say that LOL or we will get attacked again by FAMOUZ lolol

Interviewer-Piou: Oh, maybe I should relay the message to him? Lol

BlooDWorK: If he is a cool dude, he will just laugh it off and say that we are right

KILLtheMOD: I hope ZOMBIE or KS will not teleport to our hive LOL

AREA51: Nah. Don't be scared. They can't beat us.

KILLtheMOD: This all started because of the lord honor event. When our leader beat Famouz and trashtalked him in the global chat. GW were also there xD


What do you think of Bigsam?

Interviewer-Piou: Oh my bad lol! Hey, since we are talking about Bigsam, how about you guys tell us what you think about him? Anything you want to say to him?

BlooDWorK: Don't really know him... Just know that he is reeeeeeally strong… Soooo... I respect him. He seems like a cool dude. But it would be cooler if we were the top alliance 

KILLtheMOD: I just want to say to Bigsam that it wasn't his fault when city 4 (Eirnilus) was taken from us by AQUA (It was mainly FAMOUZ's work). He did his best :D Also, he should share some more stories from his past servers! :D

AREA51: Bigsam is great. He is a very nice person.


Boys and girls? XOXO… Gossip time!

Interviewer-Piou: Have you guys met your love in the game?

KILLtheMOD: Oh no... xD

AREA51: Oh, we are all boys here lol

AREA51:I do have my queen xD

BlooDWorK: Well, I got no one... But I think I am a little too young for all this xD

Interviewer-Piou: Don't be shy! Speak up! She will see you in this post! Come on!

BlooDWorK: It's your chance to win her heart lol

KILLtheMOD: Queenfee love intensifies.

Interviewer-Piou: Exactly! Is that her name in the game? Wow, wow, wow!

KILLtheMOD: Queenfee is server 4's Queen, according to global chat. She is an active member of the PHIT green alliance.

BlooDWorK: Ah yes... I wasn't there during the legendary battle between the queens last weekend.

Interviewer-Piou: So her in-game name is Queenfee on S4, right?

KILLtheMOD: Yeah, Queenfee and Azure right? They are friendly there on s4, so she's everyone's queen I guess :D

BlooDWorK: You are right. Everybody likes them!

Interviewer-Piou: Well, now that I'm your matchmaker, I can let your crush know about your feelings in the post, if you like of course.

KILLtheMOD: WAIT NO Queenfee is everyone's queen LOL

Interviewer-Piou: No worries looool

KILLtheMOD: Wait, no! I find Queenfee to be a nice person but nothing beyond that LOL idk that's maybe because there are no other girls in TG. There are girls in GW or so I've heard xD

Interviewer-Piou: No worries, boys. We will let Queenfee know that she's a real superstar in our game. Your amorous offenses have been put on hold lol 

KILLtheMOD: Like, everyone in global chat talks with her. That's why when you asked that question, I thought of her xD

AREA51: I didn't. I have my own QUEEN in our alliance.

Interviewer-Piou: Oh… Anything I can do for you?

AREA51: No. It's okay. She knows I love her.



Let's dream big! 

Interviewer-Piou: Would it bother you if you became famous in the game? What will be the first thing you do if that ever happens? If you reach Bigsam's level of fame?

AREA51: I will start streaming.

BlooDWorK: To become famous... Why not... I think it's kind of fun, chatting with all the great players. But then I think about all those attacks... Better not think about that.

AREA51: I will start streaming. To hit the big gaming community. Lol

KILLtheMOD: If I become famous, I would... idk... I would probably make some youtube videos if I have the time, so I can attract more players just like @AREA51 to play the game.

AREA51: We're born to become the greatest alliance. We will beat everyone else. We will rise to the TOP.


Alright, well, that's about it for today's interview. Time flies when you're having fun! Thanks to KILLtheMOD, AREA51, and BlooDWorK for visiting our chat room! I'm sure the TG alliance will just keep getting better, and remember, everything we said about girlfriends and rivals was just for the sake of the show! It was all in good fun, so please don't actually fight each other! Well, see you in the next interview!


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