Infinity Kingdom Guide: Alliance Features


[Alliance Technology]

When in an Alliance, players can increase the Alliance's Technology research progress by donating resources. When the research is done, the technology will be unlocked and all Alliance members will get the corresponding bonuses to building, gathering, combat or other important areas of gameplay.

Donations will also reward Contribution that can be exchanged for all kinds of important commodities in the Alliance Shop, as well as provide EXP for the Alliance to upgrade its level and unlock more benefits! So do your part; donate and everyone benefits!

 [Alliance Territory]

In Infinity Kingdom, capturing a city will put all the territory around that city under your control. The number of cities that an Alliance can occupy is determined by the Alliance level. Technology can also be researched to allow Alliances to occupy more cities.

Captured cities regularly pay taxes to their occupier. Different cities can provide different types of tax resources, and the higher the level of the city, the faster they generate income for you.

Call on your allies to expand your territory and fight for resources!

[Alliance Help]

Players can call on their Alliance members to help them with building and technology research. Each time you receive help on a task, it will reduce the task duration time by 1 minute. The number of times each task can be helped increases with your castle level. Please note, if a player quits their Alliance after sending a request for help and then joins a new Alliance, they will be unable to send a help request in the new Alliance until the previous times out.

 [Gnome Bosses]

After joining an Alliance, you and your allies will be able to rally against Gnome Bosses on the world map of Norheim. After a defeating a boss, those who participated in the rally will receive a Dragon Chest that may contain precious Dragon Soul Crystals. But be warned, the Gnome Bosses are extremely powerful foes, so wait until your rally is strong enough!

[Alliance Reinforcement]

As an online strategy game, working together with others is a large part of IK’s gameplay. Having a reliable network of allies will be essential to your war efforts on Norheim. When you are attacked, allies can send troops to support you and defend against the enemy.


Besides what we have just covered, Alliances have many more features for you to discover and master. Join a fitting Alliance and conquer Norheim with your allies!