Infinity Kingdom Guide: Join an alliance


One of the major draws of online multiplayer games is the ability to cooperate with other players and work towards common goals. In Infinity Kingdom, Alliances are one of the main avenues for cooperative play. Being part of an Alliance will greatly add to the game experience so we encourage everyone to join one.

The Alliance system in IK is much more than a simple guild system. When you join an Alliance, you gain access to a whole slew of new features and gameplay. If you are not familiar with how Alliances work yet, use this guide to make the most of them.

How do you join an Alliance?

Alliances are player-created organizations, and you can choose to join an existing one or create your own. It costs 500 Gems to create your own Alliance. To join an existing Alliance, simply search the list of Alliances that are open to new members and join one of your likings.

In the Alliance list, if the button next to an Alliance shows "Join," you can simply tap that button to become a member immediately. If the button shows "Apply", your application must first be approved by the Alliance leader. These Alliances are usually exclusive to advanced players and tend to be very competitive. If you are a more casual player, choose one of the Alliances that is open to anyone and not expecting a lot of time investment from their members.

After becoming a member of an Alliance, you can immediately begin to enjoy all the benefits the Alliances have to offer.