Special Designs of Infinity Kingdom


 Infinity Kingdom is a cartoon style mobile strategy game. Players must defend the land of Norheim against the evil gnomes while protecting themselves from other aggressive players!  Except for this funny gameplay, there are some special designs in Infinity Kingdom, as you can see below.


Music-Ture masterwork 

ü  Dedicated theme music for different scenes

ü  Comforting mood


ü  Character video-overs

Art Style-Popular cartoony style 

ü  High saturation level brings a bright visual impression

ü  High quality scenes that guarantee a great sense of shade and control

ü  Exaggerated style with tons of magical and fantasy elements


Story-Committed write team 


ü  Original Fantasy World

ü  CGI storytelling


ü  Fascinating character design


Features-Multi level designs

ü  Massive real-time battles

ü  Collectible RPG features


ü  Natural rivalry between different factions