Infinity Kingdom Gameplay features Ⅰ


Infinity Kingdom  presents a massive world where brave alchemists summon Immortals from history and legends to help players fight against the evil gnomes. While trying to prevent the gnomes from taking the World Heart – an ancient energy source - players must also protect themselves from other aggressive players. The game received great feedback from the first beta testers for its deep world design, casual art-style and soft-core strategy gameplay.


Summon 50+ renowned Immortals

There are more than 50 powerful Immortals from different civilizations ready to help humanity. You can send them to fight the gnomes who are trying to take over the world, or to challenge epic campaign stages!


Raise mighty dragons


Raising a dragon is not easy - not to mention raising five of them! Each dragon grants you a unique buff in battle. The dragons become more than just powerful weapons, but some strategic assets in battle!


Take part in epic battles


Test your strength in battle. Challenge gnome armies in the campaign stages to earn great rewards.