Infinity Kingdom open beta FAQ


As open beta goes on, we have received many questions from our players. To solve your confusion and to help you get a general idea of the beta phase we are in, a detailed FAQ comes out with a great appreciation for all of you. Thanks for your love and support for Infinity Kingdom. We hope that this FAQ can answer your questions. If you have any other doubts, don't hesitate to pose them in the comment section!


1. How to Join this open beta as an Android User?

a) Players from the Philippines, Canada, and Australia we recommend that you download the open beta version from Google Play. 

Here is the link:


b) Players from other regions you are able to download the APK of the game via the "Play Game" button on top of our Facebook Page. 


2. How to Join this open beta as an iOS User?

The open beta version is currently not available for the iOS app store. Please keep following our Facebook page as we will post an announcement once the iOS version is available.


3. Can I jump to pioneer servers from open beta version? 

No, you are not able to switch to pioneer servers from open beta version and vice versa. If you want to play simultaneously in pioneer server and open beta server, you need to keep both 2 versions of the game.


4. How can I make an in-game purchase?

a) For Android users from the Philippines, Canada and Australia, you can download our open beta version through Google Play to recharge via in-game entry.


b) For Android users from other regions and iOS users: please wait patiently for the launch of our game in Google Play or App Store. The latest news will be posted on our Facebook page.


5. Will players who have joined our beta tests receive gifts at official launch?

a) Players who have joined our closed or open beta will receive special gifts at the official server. One official ID can only receive one gift from each beta phase, while the gifts from closed beta and open beta can be accumulated. 


b) Players who have joined our pioneer servers will receive one gift sent to the ID of pioneer servers. Each ID can only receive one gift.


6. Will pioneer servers or open beta delete our files?

Definitely not. Your progress will be kept and you will be able to continue on with your accounts when we fully release as you are now.


7. When will the game be launched officially?

 Please keep up with our Facebook page, we will keep you posted as things progress.