Round Table Discussion



 Hello lords, we’ve received a lot of great feedback from you all in the last few updates. To better understand your needs and communicate with you, we decided to hold this year's Round Table Discussion.
This discussion included several IK game designers and developers with 14 player representatives.
The discussions mainly revolved around introductions to future gameplay, obtaining player feedback, and answering questions put forth by the representatives and their communities.
The developers first shared key highlights of the upcoming version and the planned changes with the representatives.
Since the last version release, we have received numerous suggestions from dedicated players who love the game and want to help us improve it. Many of these ideas have been integrated into subsequent updates and developments. During this period, we have observed that KVK and other major events are among your top concerns. KVK has always been a focal point for us, and we have been diligently crafting fresh and exciting game content to offer Lords a diverse and engaging gameplay experience. Today, we are excited to unveil a significant announcement to our Lords: The new version of KVK will officially launch in June.Here are some of our thoughts.
1.Endless Fun: To address the issue of long waiting times during peace periods, we plan to introduce events during these periods to enhance your gaming experience. Additionally, we'll adjust the KVK duration to align with the current season and make it more engaging.
2.Livelier Frozen Realm: In response to concerns about participation and popularity, we are thrilled to announce that we are working on a new KVK event. Our goal is to enhance participation, improve balance, and enrich gameplay by revamping the KVK system. This will include new event features, settlement methods, and reward systems. While the details are still under development, we are confident that you'll enjoy the content.
3.Well-balanced System: To better cater to the needs of all Lords, we will focus on enhancing the player experience for the majority by developing a new KVK system. For players who enjoy peaceful activities, we aim to provide a relaxed experience without intense competition or burdens. For those who prefer battles, we strive to offer an exciting and engaging combat experience through iterations.
Additionally, the developers also shared some details of the new version of KVK with the representatives.
1.Four Factions: During the arduous trek to the Frozen Realm, four regional factions took shape through conflicts and merges. Factions serve as the birthplace of all communication, offering endless possibilities for war or alliance. Additionally, various PvE events you participate in will be converted into points, eventually earning you rich rewards at the end of the season.
2.Federation System: Based on the four factions, we have established a Federation system. Alliances within the same faction can unite to form Federations. Being part of a Federation allows you to launch joint attacks on cities/checkpoints, share city profits, participate in rallies, defend allied lords, and attack lords of other Federations. This underscores the significance of alliance cooperation in achieving victory in the new KVK.
3.Events based on different battle stages: To help lords better adapt to the rhythm of KVK, we have introduced new events in each zone. Completing corresponding tasks will grant you temporary buffs. As the war progresses, more lucrative resource sites will appear on the map, aiding lords in quickly regaining their battlefield strength.
4.Alliance Tactics: The method of obtaining alliance tactical points has been updated. Lords will earn alliance tactical points when gathering resources, which can be used to activate alliance tactics. This optimization enables even low-level players to make contributions to the alliance.
5.Cities: Cities have first occupation points and ongoing point production, assessing the alliance's strength in holding cities continuously.
During the subsequent player Q&A session, the representatives gathered the most pressing concerns from their respective communities and presented them to the developers. These questions mainly focused on suggestions for new features and concerns about existing functionalities.
Regarding existing functionalities, a representative inquired if the developers had considered ways to reduce the disparity between moderate-spending and high-spending players. In response, the designers stated: "We've noticed the defensive advantages in battles and are planning to enhance the rally effects in upcoming updates to make them more impactful. Furthermore, we are also planning to introduce new Immortals and skills tailored for moderate players in the next version to help bridge the power gap with Chaos Immortals. Keep an eye out for free skills and Immortals that will be available in the new KVK."
Regarding the measures being considered to attract and retain new players, the developers responded: "We're actively working on making it easier for new players to acquire powerful Immortals and artifacts during the early stages of the game. Our aim is to enhance the overall experience for new players and gradually close the gap between new and veteran players. This is a step-by-step process that will involve multiple improvements across upcoming versions."
In addition, the representatives also put forward many highly constructive ideas, providing the developers with significant inspiration.
We will continue to host more Roundtable Councils to listen to the voices of players from various groups. Stay tuned to our official Discord channel to sign up for the next council.
Thank you to all the lords for your patience and attention.