Patch 2.6.9 Notes


Since the 2.6.8 update, we've received many suggestions and opinions from Lords. Therefore, in the upcoming update, we are introducing a series of highly anticipated optimizations and pressure-reducing features that aim to enhance your gaming experience and make it more enjoyable and stress-free. To explore all the details of this update, please refer to this journal. Keep reading to discover more!

New Feature

1. Titantula Challenge Level Increase

Players can now challenge Titantula up to level 120.

2. Auto-Copy Illusion Battlefield Regular Season Registration List

During the registration for the Phantom Battlefield regular season, the system will automatically select primary forces and substitutes from the last registration, making it easier for Alliance Leaders to sign up.

3. Alliance Members List Batch Configuration

Alliance R6 and R5 members can now batch set the ranks of alliance members.

4. Lord's AP Limit and SP Limit Increase

The available limit for SP is increased by 100 points. The base limit for AP is increased by 500 points, with the available limit increased by 1000 points.


1. Switching Lord Talent Pages No Longer Costs Gems

2. Alliance Contribution Rankings for Contention of Relics

Gathering Energy Nodes now counts towards Alliance Contribution Rankings for Contention of Relics.

3. Harbor Exploration Interface Optimizations

a. Added display of Merchant Ship EXP gained from explorations.

b. Adjusted sorting rules for Immortals Dispatch List with weekly designated Immortals prioritized.

c. Optimized reward claiming interface.

4. Mercantile Path Rewards and Rankings Interface Optimizations

Balance Adjustment

1. Dark Dragon Talents Adjustment

a. Silhouette: [Dark Breath] true damage dealt increased from 6% per level to 10% per level.

b. Abyss: [Dark Breath] now increases damage taken by targets with Mental Decay from 30% + 2% per level when their HP is below 30% to 50% + 5% per level when their HP is below 50%.

c. Corrupt: [Eclipse] now silences enemy front-row targets for 9s + 0.6s per level. When the target is immune to control, increase damage taken by 30%.

2. Preparation Season Lv.8 and Lv.9 City Garrisons Difficulty Adjustments

Decreased difficulty for Lv.8 and Lv.9 City Garrisons in preparation season.


That's all the updates for patch 2.6.9. Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, please hit us up on Facebook, Discord, or VK. Also, our Facebook Log Reading is in full swing. Simply drop your ID and your thoughts on the log content for a chance to win rewards! Head over to our Facebook page now and share away!