Patch V2.6.8 Update Journal


Patch V2.6.8 Update Journal

Norheim features a diverse and complex terrain that offers high exploration value. The inner city ports, nestled within mountains and surrounded by water, provide abundant water sources and excellent harbors, allowing lords to go on maritime adventures. Therefore, in the upcoming update, we are introducing a new casual idle gameplay - [Harbor Exploration]! With the new casual gameplay, we aim to provide Lords a break from the intense battles outside the city and provide them with a different gaming experience. Here are the details!

New Features

1. Harbor Exploration

Harbor Exploration evolves into an idle gameplay where you can dispatch [Immortals who are not on a March] to sail. You can collect earnings at any time during the exploration.

Key Rewards

Epic or better quality Immortal fragments (corresponds to the ship's level), resources, gold, and speedup items.

Gameplay Overview

a. Dispatching Immortals

① You start with a level 1 merchant ship. Each voyage allows you to dispatch [Immortals who are not on a March], with the Immortals' star level and quality affecting the probability of earning rewards. Voyages can proceed without dispatching Immortals, but the probability of earning rewards is significantly lower.

② Designated Immortals List: The designated Immortals list refreshes weekly. Dispatching listed Immortals for voyages grants additional earnings bonuses.

b. Merchant Ship

Collecting earnings can increase the ship's level, and upgrading the ship allows for longer exploration times and more Immortals dispatch slots.

c. Weather

The weather at the time of sailing also affects the probability of obtaining rewards.

2. 4th Unit Opens for Arena, Time Rift Breaker, Throne of the Supreme

a. Season 4 of the Arena now features a 4th unit.

b. The Time Rift Breaker now features a 4th unit setup, with daily challenge attempts increasing from 3 to 4.

c. The new season of Throne of the Supreme now features a 4th unit setup.

PS: Aside from Throne of the Supreme, Arena and Time Rift Breaker will immediately unlock the 4th unit setup once conditions are met after the update. Lords are advised to deploy their units promptly to better adjust for the updated challenges.

3. Viewing Immortals Buffs

During battles, tap the battle BUFF at the bottom left of the screen to view all buffs and debuffs affecting allies and enemies. Tap on a buff icon for further details of that buff.

4. Raffles & Blessings of Triss Reward Selection

Reward acquisition limit and the action of refreshing rewards using gems will be removed from Lucky Spin, Theia's Roulette, Chaos Roulette, and Blessings of Triss. They will be replaced by a grand reward selection feature, which eliminates the frequent use of the refresh feature.


1. Chronicle Season Adjustment

For new servers launched after April 20th, the preparation season is shortened from 62 days to 40 days, and matches for Contention of Relics are reduced from 3 to 2.

2. Dark Dragon Soul Crystals Added to VIP Shop

3. Rewards Adjustment

a. Lucky Spin now features new Immortals based on the season.

b. Rewards have been adjusted based on The Golden Path levels. (This adjustment does not affect those who have already purchased The Golden Path).

c. Holiday skins have been replaced with Dragon skins in The Golden Path Shop.

4. Server Ranking Display Optimizations

Lord's Honor Rankings, Lord's Power Rankings, Strongest Troop Power Rankings, Total Troop Number Rankings, and Castle Level Rankings will no longer be categorized by Kingdoms. The Rankings will be displayed based on a Lord's name and their alliance.

5. Alliance Member Login Time Display Optimizations

The Alliance Member Information interface now includes a display that shows the last time a member was offline, making it easier for alliance leaders to differentiate between active and inactive players.

6. Calendar Interface Optimizations

The Calendar interface updates with the change of seasons.


That wraps up all the updates for patch 2.6.8! If you have any questions, please hit us up on Facebook, Discord, or VK. Also, our Facebook Log Reading is in full swing. Simply drop your ID and your thoughts on the log content for a chance to win rewards! Head over to our Facebook page now and share away!