Patch 2.6.7 Notes


Patch 2.6.7 Notes

Our 3rd anniversary bash in Norheim has wrapped up! It's been awesome hanging out with you all. But hey, the fun's not over yet, our adventure's just getting started! We've spiced up the Open Arena and added some sweet upgrades. Check it out: we've added Artifacts and seasonal rules to mix things up, which gives you loads of new tactics to try out. We've also fine-tuned the Stone Slotting feature and tons of other event features. Excited? Keep reading to find out more!

New Features

1. New Open Arena

The new Open Arena introduces seasonal elements that limit the Immortals and skills you can use. Moreover, immortal Artifacts will also be available in the new Open Arena.

Seasonal Restrictions

Since the Open Arena will already be underway when this update is launched, the new features will take effect in the next season of Open Arena.

a. Seasonal Immortal Restrictions:

When a new Open Arena season begins, two Epic Immortals from each of the seven elements (Holy, Shadow, Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Lightning) will be randomly selected and banned for the season.

b. Skill Restrictions:

 At different times during each season, random Tower of Knowledge skills will be banned.

 When a skill is banned, Immortals with that skill equipped will automatically unequip it. Please review the list of banned skills and adjust your team accordingly.

Immortal Artifacts Now Available

Artifacts have been added to the Open Arena! All players will have access to the same set of Artifacts (with identical main, secondary, and special stats). If you are in the middle of an Open Arena match when the feature goes live, the Artifact system will immediately become available.

2. Ability Stone Selling

You can now directly convert Ability Stones in your inventory into Cinder of Wish.

3. Equipment Stone Slotting

a. Added a [Compose All] feature that allows you to quickly compose Equipment Stones, regardless of whether they are slotted or not. This eliminates the need to unequip the stones first.

b. Optimized the stone slotting interface and the sorting mechanism for stones.

4. New Immortal - Pakal the Great

Added New Earth Immortal: Pakal the Great. Summon him from the Hall of Immortals!


1. Primal Pinball

You can now tap and hold the golden toad to shoot pinballs nonstop!

2. Main Menu Shop Access

The Gem Shop, Arena Shop, Alliance Shop, Market, VIP Shop, and the Blessings of Triss exchange shop can now be accessed via the upper right corner of the main interface!

3. Lord Nobility Interface Optimization

We polished the visuals for the Lord Nobility interface. Tap the TIPS button on the upper left corner to view special effects.

4. Dragon Chest Opening Optimization

Once you've obtained a Dragon Chest or when it becomes unlockable, a quick access button will appear on the main interface that directs you straight to the Trove.

Balance Adjustment

1. [Holy] Defense Adjustment

Holy's defense against Shadow has been lowered.

2. Tower of Knowledge Skill [Drastic Action]

a. Lowers healing received by 50%. The effect now lasts for 6 seconds.

b. Now triggers when HP falls below 70% (was 50%).


That wraps up all the updates for patch 2.6.7! If you have any questions, please hit us up on Facebook, Discord, or VK. Also, our Facebook Log Reading is in full swing. Simply drop your ID and your thoughts on the log content for a chance to win rewards! Head over to our Facebook page now and share away!