2.6.6 Patch Notes



How time flies! Infinity Kingdom is thrilled to celebrate its 3rd anniversary in February. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and affection, as we've journeyed together through these past three years. As our anniversary approaches, we've prepared numerous new features and events, along with an abundance of optimizations based on your suggestions. Exciting additions include Equipment Gem Slotting, the Legendary Skill "Ride Fast", and the Immortal Guide feature. Additionally, our Alliance Alleviation Scheme continues with various alliance optimizations to streamline your gameplay experience. Enjoy!  

New Features

1. Equipment Gem Slotting Feature

New Feature: Equipment Slotting. Slotting gems into equipment will grant additional effect bonuses.

Equipment Gem Types

a) Attack Gem: Provides bonuses to Physical Attack and Magical Attack.

b) Defense Gem: Provides bonuses to Physical Defense and Magic Defense.

c) Support Gem: Provides bonuses to Resilience and Accuracy.

How to Obtain

a) Equipment gems can currently only be obtained by defeating monsters. The higher the level of the monster, the higher the possibility of dropping a gem.

b) There are 8 levels of equipment gems. 3 lower-level gems of the same type can be combined to form a higher-level gem.

2. Tower of Knowledge Skills' New Era - Legendary Skills Coming Soon

After the update, the Tower of Knowledge will feature a new skill display page for showcasing legendary passive skills, distinct from common skills. Upgrading legendary skills will consume red passive skill stones. This version introduces 4 new legendary skills.

3. Immortal Guide Feature

Immortal, Team, Artifact, and Tower of Knowledge interfaces now include an Immortal Guide feature, offering official recommendations for team combinations, skills, and artifacts. This update provides strategies for some popular orange heroes, with more to come for the players to learn.

4. Cross-Kingdom Alliance Joining

To optimize server ecology, joining an Alliance during the Conquest Season and subsequent seasons will no longer be restricted by kingdom.

Meet The Following Conditions to Unlock The Feature:

a) Conquest Seasons and subsequent seasons;

b) During the off-season period;

c) Contention of Forbidden Zone in the server has not commenced.

5. Immortal Scroll Sharing Feature

A new sharing feature for Immortal Scrolls, allowing players to share their Immortal Scrolls in the chat channel.


1. Speed Up KvK Thermal Tower Deconstruction

Tower's deconstruction now progresses faster with more demolition troops involved, replacing the previous fixed speed mechanism.

Important Reminder: During the version update, due to the launch of new features, demolition troops in the Thermal Tower will be returned to your Castle.

2. Manufacturing Queue Split

To meet the players' demands for various materials and resources, Forge Coins, Aether Crystals, and Artifact Materials will be divided into 3 queues, allowing simultaneous conversions.

3. Checkpoint and City Declaration of War Permissions

The permission to declare war on checkpoints and cities can be set by the Alliance Leader for R1/R2/R3/R4/R5.

4. Official Post Revocation Feature

Alliance R5 and R6 have the authority to revoke the appointment of alliance members who have been appointed as Mayor or Governor.

5. Alliance Contract Signing Permission

During Contention of Relics, Alliance R5 is permitted to set alliance contracts and refresh alliance contract tasks.

6. New Wall Destruction and Garrisons Defeated Rankings

New rankings for Wall Destruction and Garrisons Defeated, showing records of the latest weekly siege data and the targets attacked.

7. Kings and Governors Online Announcement Feature

Players appointed as Kings or Governors can now toggle on or off the server-wide announcements for their online and offline status via the Government House interface.

8. S1/S2/S3 Matchmaking Server Quantity Optimization

Server matchmaking for S1/S2/S3 is now limited to four.

9. One-click Equipment Dismantle

When using the one-click equipment dismantling feature, you can opt to include elemental equipment.

10. No Teleport Item Consumption for Entering/Exiting KvK Map

After this update, entering and exiting the KvK map will no longer consume random teleport items.

11. Open Arena Icon Optimization

Optimized ranking icons of Open Arena.


1. KvK Map Monster Refresh

The KvK map now allows players to encounter high-level Gnomes and high-level Mecha Monsters in the outermost regions of the map.

2. Margaret

Margaret's base energy recovery speed increased from 50/s to 66/s.


The above are all the updates in version 2.6.6. Thank you for reading our log. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Facebook, Discord, VK, and other official media. Additionally, preparations for the anniversary celebration are underway. Stay tuned! The Facebook Log Reading is in full swing! Tell us what you think about anything in the log and leave your ID for a chance to get generous rewards. Share your ideas with us on Facebook now!


- The Infinity Kingdom Team