2.6.5 Version Patch


Big news from Norheim! As the factions rose, players had been active in the Arena and Throne of the Supreme. However, battles were not satisfying enough with their many restrictions, and it was hard to find a worthy opponent. Therefore, with this new version, the developers followed the community feedback and introduced the new Free Arena in the hope that players could enjoy a thrilling combat experience in a competitive environment that would be free and fair. Whether you are a newbie or a veteran player returning to Norheim, you are free to fully utilize your strategies in the Free Arena. The tournament is now available. Who will win the first round of the season? We can't wait to see! This article will tell you everything you need to know about this update. Take a look and get ready for your next adventure!

New Features

1. Free Arena

Free Arena is available for lords whose Castle is at least level 30 during the Conquest Season. Once you meet the unlock requirements, tap the Arena building to summon the new access button. Then, tap that button to access the Free Arena.

1.1 Season Cycles & Matchmaking Rules

⑴ Each Free Arena season lasts 30 days.

⑵ Matchmaking Rules: The opponents in the Free Arena are other lords participating in the same round of KVK season.

⑶ After the Free Arena season starts, if the lords want to change the world, here are a few things to note:

①After the Free Arena season starts, the lords can change servers, but you can only join events with your original group during this season.

②After a new Free Arena season starts, the lords will participate in Free Arena battles according to the grouping in the New World.

1.2 Challenge Rules

Start a Challenge:

Use a Free Arena ticket to challenge an opponent. Each lord can get 5 free tickets every day, and up to 15 additional tickets can be purchased with Gems every day.

Points & Victory Points:

Achieve victory to get Rank Points and Victory Points. Rank Points will be deducted if the challenge fails. Accumulating Rank Points can improve the rank and ranking of the arena.

When the new season starts, all Rank Points and Victory Points will be cleared.

1.3 Reward Rules

Accumulating Rank Points can improve the rank and ranking of the Free Arena, which will then yield Daily Rewards, Tier Rewards, and Ranking Rewards (ranking rewards will be issued when the season ends,). Accumulating Victory Points to open the daily arena treasure chest, which include Stardust, Dragon Essence, Gold, and other numerous rewards.

1.4 Battle Rules

Select Attributes:

Each time the Free Arena season is reset, you will need to reselect the Attributes and Immortals you use in this season. The immortals you can use in a season are determined by the Attributes and Immortals you choose. Once you confirm your choice, it cannot be changed during the season. Here is how you will select Attributes:

⑴ Choose two Attributes from five available options: Water, Earth, Fire, Wind, and Lightning.

⑵ Choose one Attribute from two available options: Light and Shadow.

⑶ Select an Immortal with the Chaos attribute.


⑴ Lords can use only the Immortals associated with the Free Arena to join battles. The Immortals available for each Attribute are the same.

⑵ In the Free Arena, Immortals are at level 55, full-star, and tier 30.

⑶ The Immortals associated with the Free Arena come with Legendary+ equipment at enhancement level 55 with active Resonance.

⑷ In the Free Arena, the skills available to each lord are the same. All skills are at level 8. Lords can only choose which skills to use without upgrading or resetting them.


⑴ Dragons come in seven Attributes: Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, Lightning, Light, and Shadow. They are at level 55, and all their skills are unlocked and set to level 10 by default. You can only configure the talents without unlocking the talent tree.

⑵ The dragons associated with the Free Arena are only available in this event.


You can only use Troops associated with the Free Arena. All units have maximum Troops by default, and the troop level is Elite of the Court.

Troop Power:

⑴ The Troop Power of a lord in the Free Arena is the sum of the units they configure during the event. It is not associated with the player's actual units.

⑵ Boosts:

① All Academy Technologies are at max level by default, but they are only active in the Free Arena.

② Your current faction bonus, Alliance Technology and Alliance Territories, Lord Talents, Nobility, Well of Time, City Official Position, Castle Skin, VIP Level, Building Level, and battle items will not take effect in the Free Arena.

2. Mysterious Merchant Ship

⑴ Unlock Requirements: Servers must have progressed to at least season 2. This will become available on every Saturday, lasting 2 days.

⑵ Feature Rules:

① Once the shop is available, you can spend Gems to purchase Crimson Moonlight, Stardust, Gold, Loren's Heart, and many more.

② The pricing of the items is not fixed, and your first few purchases will come with a discount. After that, the item prices will get increasing higher.


We optimized the interface for purchasing bundles and many more.


The above are all the updates in version 2.6.5. Thank you for reading our log. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Facebook, Discord, VK, and other official media. Hurry up! Take it to the Cross-Server Arena and battle with other players! The Facebook Log Reading is in full swing! Tell us what you think about anything in the log and leave your ID for a chance to get generous rewards. Share your ideas with us on Facebook now!

Infinity Kingdom Team