2.6.3 Version Patch


In their fight for Norheim, the Gnomes with impaired souls have never given up their attempt to build steam machines against humans. In the last version, the Time Rift Breakers created by Malena, Goddess of War, reignited the humans’ hatred against the Gnomes, as Lords of the same timeline rally again to fight the mecha monsters. In this version, the new cultivation system Immortal Portrait will become available, granting more bonuses for your Immortals. In addition, One-click Equipment Dismantle, new permissions for Alliance R5, and other optimizations are also included in this log. We wish you pleasant reading!


New Feature


1. Immortal Portrait

The Immortal Portrait interface has been added to the Galleries. Players can tap a Gallery to see Immortals and Dragon Portraits of the corresponding element. Immortal Portraits can provide Immortals with different Attribute Bonuses.

1) Portrait: Legendary and Epic Immortals and Dragons have exclusive Portraits.

2) Brilliance: Polish the Portraits with Crimson Moonlight or Astral Sand to improve their Brilliance. Level up the Portraits to provide Immortals with stronger Attribute Bonuses.

3) Crimson Moonlight/Astral Sand: Obtainable through various in-game events.

2. One-click Equipment Dismantle

We added the function One-click Equipment Dismantle. Players can dismantle equipment in batch, up to 200 pieces each time. (Elemental Equipment must be added manually)

3. War Declaration

We added the War Declaration procedure for attacking Cities and Checkpoints. Players must declare war on a City or Checkpoint in Norheim or KVK before attacking it. The invasion can only start at least three minutes after the War Declaration.

1) Permission: Only players of Alliance R6 and R5 are permitted to declare war.

2) Declaration Scope in Legion of Frostborne: In Legion of Frostborne, players can only declare war on Cities and Checkpoints within the scope of their own Thermal Tower. You are not allowed to leverage the energy range of your allies.




4. New Alliance R5 Permissions

Leaders can assign Mayor Appointment and Alliance Tactics Usage authorities to R5 members to assist in management.

5. Daily Sign-in Rewards Update

We updated the Daily Sign-in Rewards and added Immortal Fragments, etc.

6. 10X Draws with Philosopher's Stone Shards

We added a quick-use function for Philosopher's Stone Shards. Players can now use 10 shards with one tap.

7. Time Rift Breaker Battle Report Sharing

Players can now share reports on Time Rift Breaker battles in the Battle Report Sharing function.

8. Limit and Cooldown of Friendly Alliances

1) In the Legion of Frostborne, each alliance can have a maximum of 9 allies. When the limit is reached, you cannot form new alliances.

2) After ending friendly relations with a particular alliance, if you wish to establish relations with them again, you must wait for 24 hours.

Note: The function only takes effect when your server enters the new season. It will not be effective if you server is in the middle of a War Phase during the update.

9. Immortal & Dragon Info Display Optimization

We optimized the information display for Immortals and Dragons on the Formation and Battle Report interfaces.


The above are all the updates in version 2.6.3. Thank you for reading our log. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Facebook, Discord, VK, and other official media. The brand-new cultivation system Immortal Portrait is waiting for you to explore! The Facebook Log Reading is in full swing! Tell us what you think about anything in the log and leave your ID for a chance to get generous rewards. Share your ideas with us on Facebook now!

Infinity Kingdom Team