2.6.2 Version Patch



We have received many suggestions from the lords since the max level increase. Our developers have listened to your advice and made several optimizations in the new version to ensure a smoother battle experience. But the optimizations are only part of this update, for we have also brought you a brand-new event - Time Rift Breaker, along with new Immortals! If you are curious about the details of this update, please read the following log.

New Feature

1. Time Rift Breaker

This is a cross-server event in which lords of the same season may challenge the same Time Rift Breaker. Tap on “Well of Time” in the bottom-right corner to find the event portal and take part in the event!

Event Requirement

Server has entered Season 2; Castle Level ≥ Lv. 15

Event Period

1) The event begins at 00:00 (UTC) every Monday and ends at 24:00 (UTC) every Sunday. It is available all day during the period.

2) Incubation Stage: The enemy is in the recharge and incubation stage from 00:00 (UTC) every Monday to 24:00 (UTC) every Wednesday. It cannot be attacked in this stage.

3) Challenge Stage: The enemy can be attacked once the charging completes. The attack stage lasts from 00:00 (UTC) every Thursday to 24:00 (UTC) every Sunday. If the enemy is defeated during the period, it will draw strength from the surging dark energy and resurrect after a certain period of time (the same type of boss will resurrect in the same event period). If the enemy is not defeated during the period, it will escape once the stage ends.

Event Rules

1) During the event, each lord has 3 challenge attempts every day.

2) All battles are auto battles in this event. You can put together a team to attack the Time Rift Breaker in each challenge. Constraints from the dark energy make it impossible for deployed Immortals to challenge the enemy again on the same day.

3) Weakness: Different Time Rift Breakers have different Element Weaknesses. Use Immortals of the corresponding elements to deal additional damage:

Element Weaknesses of Time Rift Breaker - Venom: Light, Lightning, Fire

Element Weaknesses of Time Rift Breaker - Amplitude: Water, Earth, Fire

Element Weaknesses of Time Rift Breaker - Leech: Shadow, Wind, Lightning

Event Rewards

Event rewards include Total Damage Ranking Rewards, Highest Damage Ranking Rewards, Kill Rewards, and Honor Rewards. The rewards will grant you various amounts of Space-Time Glory Badges. You can exchange them for Artifact Schematics, Artifact Forging Materials, Dragon Keys, and other rewards in the shop.

2. New Immortal

The new Immortal, Darius I, will be available soon. Players in Conquest Season P3 or above can obtain him from Season Chests.

Quality: Orange

Element: Lightning

Troop Type: Spear

Position: Attack

Skill: Inflicts Physical Damage (Damage Rate 108%) to all enemies, and has a 9% chance of decreasing their Physical Damage dealt by 30% (extra decrease of 30% when first casting the skill), lasts 6 sec.

Upgrade Preview:

Damage Rate: 108%/144%/180%/216%/252%/288%/324%/360%

Trigger Chance of Physical Damage Decrease: 9%/12%/15%/18%/21%/24%/27%/30%


1. Arena Battle Report Sharing

Arena Battle Reports can now be shared in the Chat Channel for better communication between the lords.

2. Mysterium Difficulty Adjustment

We have adjusted the Mysterium difficulty to provide better gaming experience.

3. King of the Hill Ranking Rewards Adjustment

Entrance requirements have been added to the stage and overall rankings in the King of the Hill event. You must complete the Final Stage Daily Missions according to our requirements to be ranked in the leaderboards.

4. Battle Damage Numbers Optimization

Normal Attack Damage, Skill Damage, and Crit Damage are shown in different colors to make the battle clearer.

5. Gnome Boss Search Rules Optimization

Gnome Bosses can be directly searched for, consistent with the spawning rules of normal monsters.

6. Alliance & Academy Technology Bonus Effective in Checkpoints

All Technology Bonuses (Academy & Alliance Technology) will be effective in Legion of Frostborne Checkpoints.


The above are all the updates in version 2.6.2. Thank you for reading our log. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Facebook, Discord, VK, and other official media. Time Rift Breakers are waiting for you to conquer! The Facebook Log Reading is in full swing! Tell us what you think about anything in the log and leave your ID for a chance to get generous rewards. Share your ideas with us on Facebook now!


Infinity Kingdom Team