Patch 2.5 Notes


Thank you all for celebrating with us for Infinity Kingdom's second anniversary! With the party ending, we bring you a new patch with new gameplay! The much-anticipated Battle Chess gameplay will launch soon. A vast chessboard, a multitude of pieces, fierce chess battles... The rules for this new gameplay will be introduced in these patch notes. Enjoy!



Basic Rules

Each player has 1 King and 9 other pieces that can be recycled. To achieve victory, you must defeat the other player's King.

Types of Pieces

1) King: has HP. Each side will generate a King at the beginning of a game, the King will continuously generateStamina Points. The King can use Stamina Points to move within its side.

2) Immortal: has HP. Requires Energy Marks to use. Immortal pieces will automatically attack enemy pieces and cast skills. Immortal pieces have their own conduct (normal, fixed point, follow, patrol, charge, etc.), passive skills, and energy skills.

3) Arcane Card: has no HP. Requires Energy Marks to use. Move it to any position to use it to cast a King's skill, producing various effects.

Chessboard Mechanisms

1) Pre-game Preparations: before a game starts, players must select 9 pieces from the Immortal and Arcane decks.

2) Energy Marks: after a game starts, Energy Marks will automatically generate. Energy Marks are required to use chess pieces.

3) Chess Game: at the beginning of a game, chess pieces will randomly be sorted into the battle zone (6 pieces) or the waiting zone (3 pieces). You can use Energy Marks to put chess pieces into the battle zone. After a chess piece is defeated, it will be sent to the waiting zone.

4) Speed-up Mode: this mode will be activated 2 minutes after a game begins. In this mode, the Kings of both sides will begin to lose HP, while the rate of Energy Mark generation will increase.

5) Victory Decider: the game will end when the HP of a King reaches 0. The King who survives is the winner.


Participation Requirements

1) Players in servers that have completed “Royal Ambition” in the Chronicle will be eligible to participate in this event.

2) Along with the requirement listed above, lords must be level 11 or higher to participate.

Gameplay Page

Tap the Well of Time icon at the lower right of the main page, and you'll be able to find Battle Chess listed.

Entertainment Mode

Battle Chess will contain a variety of modes. Patch 2.5 comes with the Entertainment Mode, and other modes are also currently under development. In Entertainment Mode, you can be auto-matched to opponents or invite friends from your alliance to play with.

1) Auto-Matchmake: open 24 hours a day. The system will match similar players who are in the Entertainment Mode at the same time.

2) Invitation: open 24 hours a day. Players can send invitations within their alliance. After another member accepts, both players can freely play.


That's all for patch 2.5. Your Immortals will set out on a new adventure on the chessboard! Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, then please feel free to get in touch with us over Facebook, Discord, VK, or any other official channels. The Patch Notes Reading Conference is currently in full swing on Facebook. Leave a comment about any part of these patch notes along with your ID for a chance to win fantastic rewards. Come to Facebook and share your reading experience with us!

Infinity Kingdom Team