Patch 2.4 Notes


Thank you for your patience in waiting for this patch. We promise not to disappoint you. Patch 2.4 includes important new content and lots of optimizations! A new special element will descend upon Norheim—Chaos. The first Chaos Immortal emerges, and new Unique Artifact Schematics arrive... In addition, our developers have sharpened the functionality of the Illusion Battlefield and the Wisdom Palace to create a smoother and more complete experience. All coming changes are included in this patch. Enjoy!


New Features

1.  Chaos Element

Chaos Immortals will shift their element based on the elemental makeup of their unit, making them adaptable to various formations. This reduces the difficulty of creating elemental resonances, and expands the strategic possibilities of elemental units.

Unlock Conditions

1)     Server: Server has reached Season 2.

Elemental Shift

1) Shift Direction: The total value of each element in the unit will be calculated. Chaos Immortals will automatically shift to the element with the highest total value in the current unit. If two or more elements are of equal value, the Chaos Immortal will shift to an element based on Immortal position order. If there are any changes to the unit, the Chaos Immortal's elemental shift will be redetermined. In such cases, the Chaos Immortal counts towards the Chaos element value, and not the value of the element it has shifted to. (1 Immortal = 1 element value, 1 dragon = 1.5 element value)

2) Shift Effect: After an Immortal shifts elements, their elemental resonances and elemental strengths and weaknesses become that of the new element. Chaos Immortals only receive elemental bonuses from Chaos equipment. This is not affected by the elemental shift.

3) Special Case: If all members of the current unit are of the Chaos element, Chaos Immortals will not shift elements.


2.  Chaos Immortal


1)     Element: Chaos

2)     Rarity: Legendary

3)     Troop Type: Bowmen      

4)     Class: Magic

5)     Skill: Realm of Lies—Deals magical damage to all enemies and has a chance to cause Confuse for 6 seconds. If the target is inflicted with Bleed or Tear, the chance of inflicting Confuse will be increased by 25%.

6)     How to Obtain: All servers that reach Season 2 will unlock Loki. Loki fragments can be obtained from events. Check your server's Calendar for more details.


3.  Unique Artifacts

Unique Artifact Schematics for the following Immortals are now available. Collect schematic fragments and forge their Unique Artifacts!

1)     Immortals: Muhammad II, Seondeok, Ragnar Lothbrok, Matilda of Flanders, Trajan, Yi Sun-Shin, Louis IX, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and Margaret I.

2)     How to Obtain: After a server reaches the required season to unlock these Immortals, players can acquire their Unique Artifact Schematics from the Blessings of Triss event.



1.  Illusion Battlefield

1)     Match Management: Optimized the match management process to improve the instructional tips. This ensures that the match duration and participants conform to the alliance leader's expectations.

2)     Match List: Optimized the display of the number of participants. This makes it easier for participants to prepare accordingly.

3)     Shop: Added a Shop button to the Illusion Battlefield panel in Wonderful Tournaments. Players can now purchase items from the Illusion Shop directly from the aforementioned panel without having to navigate around.


2.  Knowledge Contest

Added a sharing feature. During the Preliminary Trial, Retrial, and Final Trial, players can tap the Share button to show off their achievements to the in-game chat or social media.


That's all the changes coming with Patch 2.4. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, then please feel free to get in touch with us over Facebook, Discord, VK, or any other official channels. New Unique Artifacts are sketched upon parchment. The element of Chaos sweeps through Norheim, seeking transmutation... Patch 2.4 holds many surprises in store. A patch notes reading activity is also available on Facebook. Simply share your views on any part of the patch notes together with your ID for a chance to win fabulous rewards. Come to Facebook and share your thoughts with us now!

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