Patch 2.1 Notes


As the Pre-League of the Prime League is ongoing, new changes are coming to Norheim. The keyword to the 2.1 patch is "polishing". The Training Camp will provide unlimited opportunities to polish your Immortal units and strategies. The developers have also made improvements to the Legion of Frostborne and other large-scale game modes to improve your experience. All details about this update are included in this update log. Continue reading to prepare to polish up your units.


New Features

1. Training Camp

You can use the Training Camp to change your units and the external attributes (equipment/artifact/passive skills) of  your Immortals, then fight trial battles against enemy units recommended by the system. This will allow you to optimize your strategy and Immortal development based on the battle results. The various changes made in the Training Camp will not affect your actual units or troops outside the camp, and no actual costs and losses will result.

  • Unlock Conditions: Castle reached Lv.18.
  • How to Access: After meeting the unlock conditions, tap the Arena to see a new Training Camp button. Tap the button to enter the Training Camp.
  • Your Unit: You can assign any Immortals or dragons you own to your unit. You can also equip any equipment, artifacts, or passive skills you have.
  • Enemy Unit: Enemy units are recommended by the system. However, you can select the level bracket of the enemy Immortals. Each grade corresponds to a fixed set of parameters, including dragon level, dragon skill level, and Immortal level, class, Star Grade, equipment, and artifacts.


2. Optional Updates

Starting from Patch 2.1, updates will no longer be forced, and you will be able to log in and play the game from older versions of the client. However, older versions of the client will not have access to new game features, so it is recommended that you update the game as soon as possible.


3. Patch Notes Window

After this update, a patch notes window will be added to the game. On the main screen, tap the Log button in the upper right corner to view the latest patch notes in your device's system language. You can also claim limited-time update rewards in this window. Rewards can only be claimed within 7 days of updating the game. Download and use the latest game client to claim them. It is recommended that you update and claim as soon as possible, so as not to miss out on the rewards.



The optimizations in Patch 2.1 focus on balance in large-scale game modes, improving the display of important game information, and a longer buffer time for players migrating servers.

1.  Legion of Frostborne

  • Alliance Tactics: To improve the balance of the game mode, Alliance tactic points are now no longer produced by occupying Gnome cities. Instead, they are sent to all Alliances in the battlefield upon completing certain Legion of Frostborne Chronicle event.
  • Legion's Vendor: To make it easier to obtain the new Immortal fragments and Ability Stones in each season, Ancient Remnants will only provide the newly available Immortal fragments and Ability Stones of the current season. Immortal fragments and Ability Stones from previous seasons will no longer appear. You will also be able to skip the animation when opening Ancient Remnants, making for a smoother experience.
  • Alliance Management: Alliance management with the relevant authority can remove members from the battlefield during the war, making it easier to deal with potential spies.

2.  Season Preview

Lengthened the season advancement period at the end of each Legion of Frostborne from 15 minutes to 72 hours. During this period, the server will remain in the current season in a non-combat status, and all migration restrictions set by the Legion of Frostborne will be lifted. However, you must still abide by the season migration rules. Added a preview window to the main screen that displays a countdown to the next season and the new content that will be unlocked.

3.  Alliance Calendar

Optimized the Alliance Calendar settings panel. The event editing field has been split into a title field and a content field. Alliance members who enable push notifications will receive the event title as a notification.

4.  Push Notifications

Added a new notification for when Alliance territory tax has reached the maximum. Optimized the notification for when the Illusion Battlefield Prime League enters an important stage, so you do not miss out on crucial matches.

5.  Throne of the Supreme

Optimized the server matching rules to improve the balance of the Throne of the Supreme.

6.  Barracks

Added attribute bonus data to the soldier attributes panel in the Barracks. Any attribute bonuses will be displayed as green text to the right of the soldiers' basic attributes (white text). This will help you better understand the actual attributes of your soldiers.

7.  First Recharge

After Patch 2.1 goes live, the First Recharge event will once again be available to all players, with even greater rewards than before. Recharge any amount after the update and earn the right to claim packs daily for 3 days. After claiming a pack, you can claim the next pack after 24 hours have passed, until all 3 packs have been claimed.


Balance Adjustments

1. Adjusted Ragnar Lothbrok's ultimate skill.

  • Before: Causes physical damage to enemies in an area, and increases the physical damage they receive for 6 seconds. If the target is chilled, the value of the physical damage increase debuff is increased by another 20%.
  • After: Causes physical damage (Damage Factor x%) to enemies in an area, and increases the magical damage they take by y% for 6 seconds.
  • Upgrade Preview

Damage Factor (x): 60/80/100/120/140/160/180/200

Damage Increase (y): 9/12/15/18/21/24/27/30

2. Alliance Tactics

Indestructible: This tactic now increases maximum Structure Strength of Thermal Towers that are constructed by 5,000 instead of 25,000 points.


That's all the changes coming with the 2.1 update. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, then please feel free to get in touch with us over Facebook, Discord, VK, or any other official channels. The Immortals and soldiers in the Training Camp can't wait to get started! Share these patch notes with your friends! Also, let us know your thoughts on Facebook!

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