IK-Studio Q&A #26


Nice to see you again, lords~ I’m here with the latest issue of the IK Studio Q&A! Let’s take a look.


1. A question from Server 57’s _K_: What should I do to see my account ID number?

Duo: Hi lord, first you have to tap your avatar, then you’ll see your account ID above your name on that page. You can tap the button to the left of it to copy your ID number!


2. A message from Server 64’s Brttsnacawht: New accounts are trying to sell stuff in world chat sending the same message hundreds times. Do something! have a nice day.

Sammy: Hi lord, thank you for helping keep the safe and fun environment in-game! If you see messages like this, first of all, please do not buy anything from them!! You can long-tap their message box and report it to our customer service, or take a screenshot to send to us. We will definitely take care of these issues as soon as they’re brought to us, and we will crack down on them with punishments such as bans.


3. A message from Server 73’s Revan: I can't use the japanese voice bundle voucher. it doesn't give me any button to activate it

Reki: Hello lord! First, tap your avatar and then go to Settings, and tap the language pack button. In this page, tap the corresponding language you wish to switch to.


4. A message from Server 92’s Melchizedek: How does someone obtain the frozen fortress, there are no instructions where to get it

Moose: Hi lord! This territory decoration is a reward that will be obtainable from the Legion of Frostborne event. It will be available to the alliance that’s ranked highest in the power rankings, and distributed by the alliance leader. However, this territory decoration has not been launched yet. Please keep an eye out on our social media for a specific launch date!


5. A question from Server 144’s ⓤⒻⓞ: como puedo cancelar eso de "furia sangrienta" sin necesidad de esperar los minutos para volver a usar un teletransporte? (How can I cancel that "bloody rage" without having to wait the minutes to use a teleport again?)

Ray: Hi lord, unfortunately the Bloody Rage status cannot be canceled manually. You’ll have to wait ten minutes after halting attacks on another lord or building until the Bloody Rage status naturally disappears, or if your territory is forced to teleport away.