IK-Studio Q&A #24


Hello again! In order to celebrate the opening of Infinity Kingdom in Japan, the Sakura City event was launched in-game! Are you enjoying the beautiful scenery, with pink cherry blossom petals floating around? Anyways, let’s get back to it and take a look at the 24th issue of IK Studio Q&A!


1. A question from Server 9’s OverKill: castelo nivel 8 muda alguma coisa com a atualização ? (Castle level 8 changes anything with the update?)

Sammy: Hello lord, along with the opening of the Legion of Frostborne, different servers in the game will undergo different seasons. Even though teleport rules have changed, these new rules will not affect lords with a castle level lower than 9. If there are any changes in the future, we’ll let you all know via mail in-game!


2. A message from Server 17’s Bolsonaro.#0: Olá gostaria que verificassem nos talentos militares novos, dois estão com a mesma descrição e função: o talento militar alvo marcado e força de vontade. Por favor corrigir.(Hello, I would like you to check in the new military talents, two are with the same description and function: the Strong Will and the Target locked. Please correct.)

Liuqing: Hi lord, we will fix this issue for you ASAP! Skill on the left (Strong Will): Immortal resilience rate increases by 6%, upgrades increases it by 6%→12%→18%→24%→30%. Skill on the right (Target Locked): Immortal accuracy rate increases by 6%, upgrades increases it by 6%→12%→18%→24%→30%.


3. A question from Server 55’s ㄥซㅚㄱGᵤ: (I need a facebook profile frame. Can you give it to me???)

Mipha: Hi lord, we regularly hold super fan parties on Facebook! All you need to do is to obtain the Super Fan badge on our Facebook page, and participate in these events to obtain special decorations to use in-game.

P.S. On top of that, lords can also check out our Discord and VK communities for exclusive decorations by participating in community events!


4. A message from Server 58’s StormyPanda: Can you please restore my troop power, it was nearly 122,000 now it's dropped down to 115,964. !!

Kvmba: Hi lord, we’ve received feedback from many lords since this new update regarding power loss. There is currently a power display issue, which we are trying to fix as soon as possible, but rest assured it won’t affect any actual battles!


5. A question from Server 121’s TW-小庶民: 為什麼寫程式的都是禿頭 (Why are all programmers bald?)

IKUN:Not all of them! For example, our newest programmer YaoYao has a full head of hair. But who knows what will happen in the future... (ノωヽ)