IK-Studio Q&A #23


Hi lords, it’s been a while! How have you been? Feel free to let me know via email. Now let’s check out the latest issue the IK Studio Q&A!


1. A question from Server 22’s Nexusneutra: Hi Im practically new to this game new , how does one expand alliance territory

Ray: Hi lord! In the map, the number of cities that an alliance can occupy correlates to alliance level. The higher the alliance level, the more cities that can be occupied. In addition, you can also research ‘Vast Territory’ in Alliance Technology to increase the number of cities available for occupation. The maximum number at the moment is 15 cities!


2. A question from Server 57’s Isbaz: please increase the probability of atilla appearing in the game. Atilla hasn't been dating for a month. How will I compete with other people? Do we have to invest money in the game?

Moose: Hello lord, you can currently obtain Attila the Hun through the following ways: a) Use Mystery Pearls in the Mysterious Shop, b) By obtaining Epic Immortals Selection Chests through limited-time events, c) At the end of an Arena season, d) By obtaining Miraculous Descent Chests through limited-time events.


3. A question from Server 82’s igeddash: what??? where is my castle decoration for SP recovery??? why its gathering speed now?  Give us back the decoration for SP recovery on golden path

Trevor: Hello lord, the rewards in the Golden Path event will change each season. If lords don’t get the territory decoration they wish for in this season, please be patient and save up Merit Coins for the next territory decoration!


4. A question from Server 89’s 亗ZeL♥: how to delete my other game character

Reki: Hi lord, in order to avoid any hacking or stealing of accounts, the game currently only supports the deletion of accounts that are level 10 or below and have not recharged. To delete an account that fulfills these conditions, tap the Lord Avatar – Settings – Character, and there will be a small red button beside the character name.


5. A message from Server 111’s Trantraal: it would be nice to see more of the upgrades that i do. Thanks for putting out such an enjoyable and pretty game and happy holidays!

Wayne: Hello lord, and happy new year! We’re so happy that you’re enjoying our game. We also brought new content in the version 1.8 update, so we hope you’ll continue exploring the wonderful continent of Norheim!

P.S. Here’s a little secret. Our game will soon be launched in Japan, and to celebrate that we prepared a surprise waiting for you!