IK-Studio Q&A #22


Hi lords, how are you this week? Christmas is almost here! Today we’re seeing the first snowfall in Norheim, we hope everyone can have fun outside! Alright, let’s check out the next issue of our IK Studio Q&A.

1. A question from Server 5’s LeoB: Where can I manufacture a Thermal Tower?

Mipha: Hi lord, the alliance leader and officers have the power to construct thermal towers. A thermal tower requires alliance resources, as well as time, and only one thermal tower can be built at once. Building also cannot be canceled once it begins. For more info, please check out this link: https://infinitykingdom.gtarcade.com/en/news/7011623.html

2. A question from Server 112’s xTedrege: 彼得大帝为什麼不能打破8-8 boss的盾?不是消除增益效果嗎? (Why can’t Peter the Great break the shield of the 8-8 boss? Can’t he dispel buffs?)

Sammy: Hello lord, Energy Syphon unfortunately is a boss skill. It’s a kind of shield effect, not a buff. Peter the Great can dispel buffs, such as attribute buffs like damage or attack speed (obtained by Alexander after his skills), but he can’t dispel blessings or aura skills.

3. A question from Server 111’s 海王星: 請問能否開放觀看各領主隊伍配置及戰鬥畫面? (Can you watch the configuration and battle pictures of teams from other players?)

Wluffy: Yes lord, you can check the strongest troops and lineups of the top 100 lords in the rankings, as well as the top 100 in the arena. Unfortunately, it would be too complicated to set up this configuration for all lords, rather than just the top 100, so that isn’t available at the moment.

4. A question from Server 120’s Sworner: i have uncommon dragon chest key , how will i use it?

Piou: Hello lord! You can go to the Treasury and use the key to immediately purify the chest, rather than waiting a long time for it.

5. A message from Server 120’s MVP: i have a suggestion make the troops control

Wayne: Hi lord, that’s the game function. This function was created so that we cannot call our troops to return halfway after they’re sent out. This is also a feature that’s special to our game, rather than other games. It’s meant to give a sense of strategy, in which every decision you make (particularly where to send troops) is important.