IK-Studio Q&A #21


We meet again, lords! How are you doing this week? Come on, let’s check out the 21st issue of our IK Studio Q&A.


1. A question from Server 7’s Anonymrs: I have spent quite a few months on server 7 preparing a jumper, but can't jump due to lack of novice space portal. I'm bummed. didn't know it was only one time use. How can I obtain one?

Jennifer: Hi lord, we notice that you used this item to move from server 84 to server 7. The novice space portal item in the game can only be used once, unfortunately. If lords wish to move to another server after this, they must be above level 8 and use a space portal item.


2. A message from Server 29’s CarlHupe: Bitte ermogkichen sie das kopieren vom Text im chat….. die übersetztungen sind furchbar (please let us copy text in the chat, the translations are horrible)

Sammy: Hi lord, we’re so sorry to hear about this bad experience! We will be examining this function and try our best to optimize it!


3. A question from Server 49’s Vincenzzo: How would the buffs work when we enter into Frostborne? The Alliance buff? The buff from the original continent cities?

Daye: Hi lord, all buffs and debuffs from your original server will automatically be carried over to the Legion of Frostborne.


4. A question from Server 95’s 歐傑爾: 您好!我昨天一整天都有玩遊戲...但今天確領不到聯盟任務達成的八級寶箱,系統顯示我昨天沒有登入...可以麻煩幫我查查嗎? (Hi! I played all of yesterday, but I can’t get the level 8 alliance treasure chest today since it shows I didn’t log on yesterday. Can you check for me?)

Pyen: Hello lord, we’re sorry that this issue is happening! We’re urgently trying our best to fix it ASAP. If any other lords experience this, please contact our customer service, and we’ll compensate you for the inconvenience caused.


5. A message from Server 100’s 打不过: 刚才训练士兵时,三种资源都缺少,我选择使用了低级资源包,发现只是一种资源增加,其他资源没有增加,这是有问题的。这种资源包不是自选的,应该全部增加才对。 (I was just training troops and I didn’t have enough of any resource. I used a low-level resource pack, and only got one type of resource. This pack won’t even let me choose the type of resource I want)

Reki: Hi lord, after using the resource pack, the specific type of resource you select will be added to your existing resources. Any others will instead be sent to your backpack!