IK-Studio Q&A #19


Hi lords, let’s welcome the 19th issue of the IK-Studio Q&A!


1. A question from Server 39’s Eärendil: donde puedo cambiarle nombre a mi reino? (where can I rename my kingdom?)

Moose: Hi lord, do you mean switching to another kingdom? If you wish to move to another kingdom, you must tap your profile picture and then tap the “Kingdom” button on the right. In this page, you can choose your favorite kingdom to move to! You can change kingdoms for free before level 8, but once you reach level 8, you must use Gems to change a kingdom.


2. A question from Server 40’s Lord10848: 我错误地加入了一个联盟,我怎能离开? (I accidentally joined an alliance, how do I leave?)

A Henry: Hi lord! First, tap the alliance button, and then the “Settings” button at the bottom right. In this page, you can leave the alliance. You’ll be able to join a new alliance 15 minutes after this!


3. A question from Server 100’s Alunsis: where to find lightning dragon crystals?

Archie: Hello lord! There are a few different ways to get Lightning Dragon Crystals: 1. You can obtain Lightning Dragon Chests after defeating Giant Breakers. 2. You can obtain them in the Market. 3. Through opening Dragon Crystal Chests. 4. Through limited-time events.


4. A question from Server 113’s Urmomsbox: What exactly happens if I domesticate one of my dragons? I have one dragon that I have upgraded multiple times and it still give me an option to domesticate.

Baihao: Hi lord. Domesticating a dragon will increase its skill level, so it can be of more help to your Immortals in battle!


5. A message from Server 33’s Zarathos: Hola, use 9 piedras filosofales, en ese momento perdí la conexión al servidor y se reinició el juego, perdí mis 9 piedras filosofales, pueden ayudarme a recuperarlas por favor (Hi, I used 9 philosopher's stones, at that time I lost connection to the server and the game restarted, I lost my 9 philosopher's stones, can you help me to get them back please)

Reki: Hello lord, your Philosopher’s Stones will usually be deducted, and the summoned Immortals/Fragments will automatically enter the Alchemist Lab. You can check if they’re there! If you have any questions, please contact our customer service, and we’ll try to help out the best we can. Thanks for understanding o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ

Ways to contact customer service: 1. Tap the Customer Service button in the Game Assistant page. 2. Submit an order through our online support page: Support (Gtarcade.com)