IK-Studio Q&A #18


Hi lords! Today I’m bringing you the 18th issue of the IK Studio Q&A, let’s check it out.


1. A message from Server 12’s Marava: las notificaciones de recordatorio me están llegando en otro idioma(nose si es chino, japones ó coreano) y no en español que es mi idioma. agradeceria que lo arreglaran ya que no entiendo nada de los correos que llegan. marava servidor 12. (the reminder notifications are coming to me in another language, I don't know if it's Chinese, Japanese or Korean, and not in Spanish, which is my language. I would appreciate it being fixed since I do not understand anything about the emails that arrive.)

Pven: Hi lord. We’ve received feedback from some other players about this issue as well, and we’re working on fixing this ASAP. We’re sorry for the inconvenience!


2. A message from Server 26’s RemoKnox: I just killed 2 level 6 lava lurkers and I didnt receive my fire dragon chests on both occasion.

Reki: Hello lord. Please check if your Treasury is full – if it’s full, you won’t be able to store any more Dragon Chests! In that case, please use up some Dragon Chests to make space for new ones.


3. A message from Server 94’s 一葉知秋: 開罩採集還被打,這邏輯根本就不合理 (Having to go out collecting resources without a shield, and then just getting attacked, is ridiculous)

Arimaxie: Hi lord, you can check your Reports to check whether the troops you sent out for collection was attacked. You can also protect your resources from being plundered by using the Divine Protection  talent!


4. A question from Server 108’s 簡董: 怎麼跳伺服器啊 (How do I move to another server?)

Baihao: Hi lord, . If your castle is level 8 or lower, you can select a server you wish to relocate to and use the Space Portal (Novice) to move.If your castle level is higher than 8, you need to use the Space Portal to move.

You can reach the ‘Select Server’ page from two ways:

1. In the map, tap on the second button above the chat to enter the world map interface. In here, tap the button in the lower right corner.

2. After entering the map, zoom out and tap the button at the lower right corner.

How to get Space Portal items:

Space Portal (Novice): you’ll automatically receive one after creating a character.

Space Portal: 1. Purchased from the Alliance Shop. 2. Purchased from a gift pack. 3. Purchased from the Merit Shop.


5. A question from Server 78’s Thermistocles: The wall to the north Will there ever be a breach

Trevor: Hello lord, the Frozen Wastes will be out in the next update! Players can also check our official social media for more details. The Frozen Wastes will contain a brand new map full of events and challenges, are you excited?