IK-Studio Q&A #14


Dear lords, let’s say hi to our latest issue of the IK Studio Q&A!


1. A message from Server 1’s Lord22021: Hola se borro todo mi progreso no puedo volver a mi cuenta anterior, estaba jugando aprete algo y empezo de todo de Nuevo (Hello, I pressed something and all my progress has been deleted. I can’t return to my previous account)

Piou: Hi lord, account loss can happen in two ways: 1. The account wasn’t bound. In this case, you can contact our customer service, and with some information we’ll try to find your account. 2. Character deletion. After lords delete their own account in the settings, the account will be gone and there isn’t a way to restore it. Lords must be very careful before deleting their account! O(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ


2. A message from Server 16’s Buttercup: I love the mini game so much. PLEASE make the mini game more frequently available.

Reki: Hi lord, I’m happy to be able to answer this message! We’re so glad that you all love our minigames. We’re preparing to create more minigames in various places, such as our official social media, on the Gtarcade App, and more. Please look forward to it! Also, if you have a favorite type of minigame, we’d love to know about it!


3. A message from Server 27’s Snowy: Hello, if you jump a novice character into one server, can you jump it later into another server if it is still below castle level 8 with a regular space portal?

Arimaxie: Hi lord, unfortunately that isn’t possible. After using the Novice Space Portal, your castle must be higher than level 8 to be able to use the Regular Space Portal.


4. A message from Server 81’s Morgana: hello.why does arash immortal speack arabic???!!he is an persian hero!

Jennifer: Hello lord, thank you for your feedback! We’ve temporarily halted Arash’s voice lines, and will resume it again after we’ve properly updated it. Infinity Kingdom has always respected the history and traditions of various countries, and we’re terribly sorry to have made a mistake like this. We’ll be more vigilant in the future!


5. A message from Server 28’s Phoenix: doing server maintenance in the middle of cor event!!!  surely ik can schedule such matters outside cor event

Sammy: Hello lord, our game usually updates on Thursdays, according to the opening time of each server. Therefore, during the update time, events in each server will be different. However, we’ll carefully consider your suggestion and see if we can optimize this better in the future! Thank you for messaging us (*^_^*)