IK-Studio Q&A #13


It’s time for another week of the IK Studio Q&A! Let’s take a look at our 13th issue.


1. A message from Server 52’s MikeHawke: Malenas ambition event is fun but the rewards are just miles away from the cost… So we end up not doing the event at all… Please ha e rewards that match!

Jennifer: Hi lord, it has been half a month since version 1.6 came out. I hope lords have experienced the newest update, in where we’ve optimized the rewards for Malena’s Ambition. We’ve increased the amount of rewards, and also decreased the difficulty! I hope this makes all lords happier o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ


2. A message from Server 38’s LEGENDARY: depois de comprar Atila com pérolas, ele nunca aparece no mercado como dizem (After buying Atila with Mysterious Pearls, he never appears on the market)

Reki: Hello lord, thanks for sending in your message! In Norheim, you need to obtain the Immortal first, and then he’ll appear in the market. Lords can check the market info to see the probability of Immortals and fragments that are available for refresh.


3. A message from Server 89’s $aharniy: Hello from Russia. Vodka is good!

Ikun: Wow, a message from Russia! Yes yes, vodka is definitely great! When I was in Russia, I often got drinks with my friends! (*^_^*)


4. A question from Server 89’s Lord29230: How many days will the server add one?

Piou: Hi lords, we don’t have specific dates for opening new servers, as it all depends on the amount of lords in the previous server. You can follow us on social media, and we’ll let you know as soon as we open a new one!


5. A message from Server 31’s 隔壁老王: 请开一个中国服务器,没有谷歌我充值很困难 (Please open a Chinese server, it’s really difficult for me to recharge without Google)

Sammy: Hello lord, unfortunately we aren’t open on Chinese servers at the moment, we’re very sorry for the inconvenience. For this specific issue, please visit our official website, social media and community to find ways to solve it.

Here’s a link to our official website: http://infinitykingdom.gtarcade.com/