IK-Studio Q&A #12


Good morning, lords! Welcome to the 12th issue of our IK Studio Q&A.


1. A message from Server 31’s ChurBro: i was attacked while under 8 hr sheild protection by WTD, how can this happen, plse fix this & compensate me for my losses, thank you

Sammy: Hello lord, the 8-Hr Shield will protect your castle from being attacked, but any troops sent out for resource collection will not be protected by the shield, so they may be attacked by other lords. If defense fails, lords can check the battle report for more details. Lords can also use the Divine Protection talent to prevent other lords attacking during resource collection.


2. A message from Server 82’s Dinamant2: Boa noite. Gostaria de saber se um dia vamos ganhar skin de castelo gratuito. (Goodnight. I wonder if we will ever get free castle skins.)

Jennifer: Hi lord, please check out our new Golden Path event! In this event, you can exchange Merit Coins for castle skins. We will also be creating more events in the future with castle skin rewards for our players.


3. A question from Server 38’s Power9man: is it legal to have multiple accounts on the same server???

Reki: Hi lord, each account can only have 3 characters on each server.


4. A message from Server 87’s CanineLord: To  Game Designer: Ive always wanted to be a game designer! Hope I will be one day.

Daniel: Hello lord, I’m Daniel, the game producer of IK. I’m so happy to see your message! I also passed it on to the whole IK team, and we want to say that we all believe you’ll achieve your dream someday. Good luck, we’ll be waiting for you in the game industry!! ♥