IK-Studio Q&A #11


Hi everyone, we’re back with the 11th issue of the IK Studio Q&A!


A question from Server 21’s elrefugio66: porque no me subio el titulo de nobleza? tengo 5.316.000 puntos y pide 5.000.000 , eso no me da la posibilidad de subir porcentajes de marcha y los necesito. (Why did not I raise the title of nobility? I have 5,316,000 points and it asks for 5,000,000, that does not give me the possibility of increasing marching percentages and I need them.)

Reki: Hi lord, when increasing to senior titles, the system will limit the amount of senior titles available. Nobility titles are updated at UTC 24:00 every Sunday. At that time, according to the points lords have, they will be ranked in order and divided into different titles.


2. A message from Server 7’s TT: pozo 11-8 me es imposible de pasar :( Mis primera tropa es de 120000 (The 11-8 pot is impossible for me to pass :( My first troop is 120000)

Sammy: Hi lords, you can try a lineup with different heroes or Tower of Knowledge skills. For example, in the previous issues, we suggested using Hippolyta or using Silence skills from the Tower of Knowledge to pass 8-8. Using this same strategy can help out a lot in 11-8!


3. A question from Server 83’s Kilgard: love the game!! what is difference between factions??

Ikun: There are three kingdoms in the continent of Norheim: Ruslan, Ydvia, and Vitas. The people of Ruslan, growing up in a harsh environment, are known to be strong and brave. Lords that choose the Ruslan kingdom will get a Cavalry HP bonus of 5%. The people of Ydvia focus more on research and alchemy, so they are known to be more rational. Lords that choose the Ydvia kingdom will get a Spearmen HP bonus of 5%. People in Vitas, on the other hand, have great faith in the sacred tree Saris, and the people are known to value nature. Lords that choose the Vitas kingdom will get a Shieldmen HP bonus of 5%.


4. A question from Server 86’s Lord39953: hi, why i cannot transfer castle to server 85??

Arimaxie: Hello lord~ When you’re trying to teleport, you can check the status of the server by zooming in on the map or tapping the icon on the lower right to see the server selection page. If the server is under construction, you can use the Novice Space Portal to relocate. If the server is open, you must use a normal Space Portal to teleport. Server 85 is already preparing for battle, so unfortunately it is impossible to relocate there for now.


5. A message from Server 41’s Drago: Здравствуйте. Почему нет русского языка в помощи по игре? (Hello. Why is there no Russian language in the help for the game?)

Duo: Hello lord, thank you for your feedback! We’ll be adding various languages into the game soon to improve the gaming experience for you all, so please be patient!