IK-Studio Q&A #10


Hello, Lords! It’s me, Ignatius, I’m here to bring you the 10th issue of the IK Studio!


1. A question from Server 21’s BigPaPa: Why i cant claim alliance chest even if i am in the alliance?

Reki: Hi Lord, thanks for your feedback! When you log in to claim the alliance chest, a popup window will appear saying “Please join the alliance”, which is an incorrect description. The chest may not be claimable as you haven’t logged in the previous day, or not reached the requirements for claiming the chest. We will be optimizing the description of this interface to make it more accurate!


2. A message from Server 48’s Eewarjur: Please revise the censorship for Thai as some of the censored characters are the core of the daily word. I have to adjust my sentences just to avoid the censor of "ee" and "dor" in a harmless daily conversation, and the system repeatedly showing me the rude words on my screen. You are totally making inverse results for the goal of censorship. 

Piou: Hello Lord, we’re sorry for the inconvenience! We’ve implemented a fix to this issue. If lords still encounter any similar issues, please let us know and we’ll fix it ASAP!


3. A question from Server 83’s Mitsuki: If you encounter the behavior of game bullying and harassment by players in the game chat room, what should you do??

Pven: Hi Lord. You can report messages by long pressing the chat and select the reason for reporting. You can also report through customer service!


4. A question from Server 54’s CleopatraVII: hi , if i jumping other server ,are my level still the same or back to level 1?

Arimaxie: Hi Lord, if you teleport to another server you’ll still have your level, items, Immortals, ruins exploration progress, achievements, etc. The only thing that will change is that you will have to switch to a new Kingdom.


5. A question from Server 41’s Tigrall: hi i ask is the elite immortals fully 7star so that could means he/she can equit artifacts too? like epic immortals when reach the 7stars..

Sammy: Yes! Immortals of any quality, once they reach full stars, can unlock and equip artifacts by using Immortal fragments.