IK-Studio Q&A #9


Hello, Lords~ Let’s take a look at our 9th issue of the IK Studio Q&A!


1. A question from Server 8’s Lord Ken: Server vs Server… when?

Trevor: Hi Lord, how did you find out about our future plans /(ㄒoㄒ)/~~! The server vs server is currently being worked on, so you all will be able to participate in this fun activity soon! Please look forward to it~


2. A message from Server 3’s spooker: The Malena ambition event is fun and interesting. promote teamwork with the alliance, but the rewards are simply not worth it.. please do something to the rewards.

Wluffy: Hello! Thank you for sending in your feedback on the Malena’s Ambition event. We will reduce the difficulty of this event, and increase rewards in the next update!


3. A message from Server 50’s Tencoin: When will the Japanese version come out.

Sammy: The launch date for the Japanese version hasn’t been set yet. But don’t worry, here’s a secret. When the Japanese version launches, we’ll also have a little surprise for you!


4. A question from Server 64’s Tobrane: Hi! Wondering what can VIP15 players to do with their VIP tokens? It would be nice to be able to convert them somehow. Maybe a VIP 15 shop to exchange them for gold, crystals, immortals, artefacts, or whatever else a VIP 15 might still need. Thanks for considering! 

Moose: Hello, Lord. We know many lords have extra VIP points that are unused after VIP15, so in the next update, we’ll be adding a new VIP Store after VIP15.


5. A question from Server 71’s Mythious: What's the difference between "physical/magical damage" and "physical/magical attack"?

Ray: A physical (magic) attack is the info displayed on the Immortal’s attribute page. A physical (magic) damage is the damage dealt during an actual attack, the two aren’t the same! The damage dealt depends on your opponent’s level of defense and other attributes.