IK-Studio Q&A #1


Hello everyone! Lately, there have been many Lords that have left messages in IK-Studio, so today Ignatius is here to answer some questions in our first Studio Q&A!



1. A question from Server 24’s Lord Tbosss09: Where is the gold dragon egg? It says appears regularly in special bundles. I have never seen it offered.

Answer: The princess dragon Lucasta is currently traveling abroad, but we hear that she’s returning to the mainland soon, so Lords, please be patient!


2. A message from Server 17’s mikaelsfg: falta cristal do dragão verde (missing Wind Dragon Crystals)

Answer: Currently, Wind Dragon Crystals can only be purchased from the Arena Shop. After hearing feedback from Lords, we’ve also decided to add Wind Dragon Crystals to Dragon Crystal Chests in the new version.


3. A question from Server 19’s Coconut: Idea: for alliance gifts that you get after a memeber has made a purchase. Could you make it so theres a button you press that automatically claims all gifts?

Answer: After receiving feedback from Lords, we will be adding a one-tap collection function of alliance gifts in the next update. Thank you for your awesome suggestion!


4. A message from Server 9’s LoriGoldfish: To.Game Operator:give me free epic immortal pls

Answer: We are planning on launching new Immortals soon, and we’ve done lots of research into producing new Immortals and Dragons that fit your tastes. Please look forward to details in the newest update!


5. A message from Server 19’s Erick09: bug sur le combat 8-8. les attaques sont sans effets (8-8 has bugs, attacks aren’t working)

Answer: in challenge 8-8 of Well of Time, we suggest using Hippolyta’s skills to lower the boss’s Energy. Hippolyta can make it impossible for the boss to activate skills that absorb damage, making it an easy victory for you!


6. A message from Server 32’s Still: To.Diseñador de juego:No me aparece la opsion del misterium nivel 4 y ya actualicé (To Game Designers: The 4th floor of the Mysterium doesn’t appear, even after updating. Thank you)

After completing the last chapter (chapter 21), the 4th level of Mysterium will be unlocked. Let’s work together with other Lords from your server to unlock it! Remember, Mysterium’s 4th level requires two teams! Good luck!


7. A message from Server 28’s ThugBunny: Hi guys, you doing a great job on this game, but i really think you need to fix the rallies thing, i mean, if we rally, then all players should attack at once, instead of 1 by 1, otherwise rallies are so useless. I really hope you consider this request. Thanks

Answer: Rallies provide an environment of comparative advantage, in which each Lord has a certain chance to defeat other Lords that have more power, as the health of the defender won’t be reset after each round. However, if the difference in power is too large, no matter what kind of battle it is, there will be a higher chance of failure.


8. A message from Server 30’s Dupaks: Hey all, can we atleast adjust reward for sailing? Spending 120k gold to sail 12hrs and only get 390 purple shards? is that worth it for you guys? i would say it is lame.. either lower cost or adjust the rewards

Answer: Thank you for the feedback! We’ll carefully consider changes to make, and then notify you all later!


9. A message from Server 12’s GeneralSant: To.Quality Assurancer:Arena have bug,happens few time. When i win, it record as i lose and even battle history record show defeated.... Find me if you want evidence, igot screenshot

Answer: We’re working hard to troubleshoot and fix this issue ASAP, please be patient!


10. A message from Server 7’s JennaQween: To.Game Designer:this game is amzing i love what you are doing with it keep it up i would love to see how is goese

Answer: Thank you! In future updates, we’ll be introducing new, fun events just for our dear Lords. Please look forward to future cross-server events and other new exciting content!