Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.4 Notes


Summer has begun in the northern hemisphere, and Infinity Kingdom's latest update is coming soon as well. The keywords for Version 1.4 are 'crisis', 'teamwork', and 'substance'. With the arrival of unprecedented crises, two new large-scale events will be gradually made available to all Lords. In these events, you must work together with your allies to defeat powerful enemies. Infernal Assault is a conflict started by the resurgent Gnomes, while the Battle of Asteria is the result of a conspiracy that the Dark Alchemists have been planning for a long time. Our developers have also added multiple optimizations to improve the in-game experience. Steam rises from the Gnomes' expeditionary bases, and terrifying energy phantoms cry out... Are you looking forward to the coming conflicts? Read the patch notes to learn more about the coming changes, and get ready to defend Norheim!



1. Infernal Assault

The Gnomes have accelerated the restoration and development of their machines, and have now built Crusader Camps centered on Core Furnaces on Norheim. To shatter their evil plans, you will need to take part in the Infernal Assault with your allies, and destroy the Crusader Camps. Each Crusader Camp holds a large amount of Gold, which is necessary for raising dragons and forging Artifacts. Don't miss out on this large supply of Gold! Infernal Assault will be available following this update. Keep an eye on the Calendar, and take note of when the event starts.

Organizing a Team

1) Create a team - Once you discover a Core Furnace, you can invite your Alliance members to join your team and destroy the Furnace together. (Invitations can be sent to the Alliance chat channel, or to selected Alliance members.)

2) Join a team - You can also join teams if you receive an invitation from members of your Alliance. The max number of Lords that can join the team depends on the Crusader Camp's level.

3) Team bonuses - Bonuses will be activated when members join the team. All members who take part in attacking the campwill enjoy these bonuses. Bonuses can stack based on the number of members who join. The more members, the greater the bonus effect! (2 players: Physical Defense and Magical Defense boost / 3 players: Crit Rate boost /4 players: Physical Attack and Magical Attack boost / 5 players: Troops HP boost)


Searching for Camps

1) Searching - You can search for camps of specific levels from the Infernal Assault event interface.

2) Level restriction - You must start by challenging Lv.1 Crusader Camp. The higher a camp's level, the higher its difficulty, and the more installations there will be surrounding it. You must destroy a camp of the previous level before searching for higher level camps.

3) Time limit - If a discovered Crusader Camp is not attacked within 5 minutes, it will be hidden again. If it is attacked but not fully destroyed within 10 minutes, it's durability will restore fully, and be hidden again after 60 minutes.


Destroying the Core Furnace

1) Attack requirements - The Core Furnace is surrounded by multiple installations. (The higher the camp's level, the more installations there will be.) You must destroy all the installations before you can start attacking the Core Furnace.

2) How to attack - You and your teammates must each your own troops to attack the Crusader Camp. Each Crusader Camp has a restore countdown timer. If you do not destroy the camp within the time limit, the base will restore fully.


Crusader Camps hold a large amount of Gold.

1) Destroy installations - All teammates who take part in attacking a Crusader Camp base will receive the same challenge rewards.

2) Destroy the Core Furnace - All teammates who take part in attacking the Core Furnace will receive challenge rewards in proportion to how much damage they deal. Players who take part in attacking the surrounding installations but not the Core Furnace will receive a participation reward.

3) Ranking rewards - You will receive Contribution for every Core Furnace you destroy. The higher the Crucible's level, the more Contribution obtained. The system will rank players based on their Alliance Contribution, and issue rewards based on their ranking when the event ends.


2. Battle of Asteria

The Dark Alchemists have manipulated the continent's energy flows to create energy fissures. Upon these fissures, they then placed alchemical circles that distill the bursting energy into rampaging phantoms that attack Lords and soldiers indiscriminately. To protect the peace of Norheim, you must join the Battle of Asteria, find the energy fissures, and destroy these mutated lifeforms!

The Battle of Asteria consists of Solo and Alliance challenges:

Solo Challenge - 6 difficulty grades, each further divided into 30 levels. The first two difficulties are available by default. Difficulty 3 and higher are unlocked by clearing previous difficulty levels. Your unlocked difficulty at the end of the event is saved, and will carry over to when the event opens again. You can challenge up to two difficulty grades during each event. Difficulty grade cannot be changed after being selected. You will only be given the option to change the difficulty if you fail in a particular difficulty. Please choose the difficulty grade carefully. After selecting a difficulty grade, you can spend AP to summon corrupted lifeforms, and dispatch 1 to 4 units to attack them!


Alliance Challenge - Only the Alliance Leader and Officers can select the difficulty for the Alliance Challenge. Difficulty grades are unlocked when the required number of Alliance members have reached Level 30 in the Solo Challenge. Bosses in the Alliance challenge come in 6 levels, with their Power increasing with each level. You must gather your allies and work together to defeat these powerful bosses.


Challenge Rewards - Monsters in the Battle of Asteria drop valuable Artifact schematics, schematic fragments, speedup items, and resource items. It's a treasure hoard that's not to be missed!

1) Solo Challenge Kill Rewards: Monsters in each stage will drop rare items, including Artifact schematics and fragments.

2) Solo Challenge Progress Rewards: There is a progress reward point every 5 levels in each difficulty grade. When the event ends, you will be sent rewards based on your highest progress under each difficulty grade via mail.

3) Alliance Challenge Kill Rewards: Upon defeating a boss, all Alliance members who took part in the battle will receive rewards via mail.

4) Alliance Challenge Progress Rewards: Rewards based on the highest level boss defeated by your Alliance will be sent via mail when the event ends. The higher the level, the greater the rewards.


3. New Immortal

Himiko, the Shamaness-queen of Yamatai arrives. You can obtain her fragments via Theia's Roulette. You can check event dates and hours in the Calendar. Be sure to keep an eye on it!


Element: Shadow

Troop Type: Bowmen

Class: Magic

Ultimate Skill: Demon Ambush - Deals magical damage to all enemies. If there are more than two targets, the immense energy will rip space itself, sucking the enemy unit with the most troops into the Shadow World for 6s. Units in the Shadow World cannot attack or unleash skills, and cannot be targeted by normal attacks or skills.

Damage Factor: 229.5% / 261.0% / 292.5% / 324.0% / 355.5% / 387.0% / 418.5% / 450%




1. Mysterium

Quickly reach the Evernight Labyrinth - The length of the first two floors has been shortened from 15 events to 10 events, allowing you to reach the Evernight Labyrinth more quickly. (Note: To implement this update, we have no choice but to reset all Mysterium progress.)

Added Epic Artifact schematic fragments - Clear the Evernight Labyrinth for a chance of obtaining Epic Artifact schematic fragment selection chests. The higher your Power, and the higher the selected the difficulty, the higher the drop chance. These dazzling Epic Artifacts can make your maxed out Immortals even more powerful.

Enhanced immersion - Animations and special effects of the Evernight Labyrinth have been optimized. This makes collecting the three colored jewels more fun, and enhances the realism of triggering mechanisms. 

⬤Tutorial - A more detailed tutorial has been added to guide Lords who are entering the Evernight Labyrinth for the first time.


2. Alliance Leader Impeachment

We have replaced the previous automatic Alliance Leader impeachment system with a more reasonable one.

Impeachment Conditions

1) If the server has been open for three days or less, the Alliance Leader can be impeached if they have not logged in for 24 consecutive hours.

2) If the server has been open for more than three days, the Alliance Leader can be impeached if they have not logged in for 72 consecutive hours. Once an Alliance Leader has met the impeachment conditions, they will remain impeachable until they log in again or are impeached.

Initiating Impeachment

1) Initiation conditions - After the Alliance Leader has met the impeachment conditions, Alliance members who are R2 or higher can initiate the impeachment process.

2) New Leader election - After impeachment has been initiated, an election for the new Leader will be held over the next 48 hours. At the end of the voting period, or when all members with voting rights have voted, the player with the most votes will become the new Alliance Leader.

3) Election eligibility - All players who are members of the Alliance when impeachment is initiated have the right to vote for the new Leader, or receive votes to be the new Leader. New members who join during the impeachment process cannot vote or receive votes. If a player who has already voted leaves the Alliance during the impeachment process, their vote will still count, but any votes they received will be void.

4) Voting - All players with voting rights can vote once each. You are allowed to vote for yourself.

5) Impeachment failure - If the election ends in a tie or nobody places a vote, the impeachment will fail. Impeachment can be initiated again after a failure.

6) End of impeachment - If the impeached Alliance Leader logs in to the game during the impeachment process, the impeachment process will automatically end.


3. Other Alliance Features

Alliance gifts - When an Alliance reaches Lv.5, the 'Claim all' button at the bottom of the Alliance gifts claiming interface will be unlocked, allowing members to claim multiple Alliance gifts with a single tap.

Dissolving Alliances - A restriction has been added where Lv.5 or higher Alliances cannot be dissolved.

Statistics mails - You can now set the time interval for Alliance statistic mails to 30 minutes, 1 hour, 6 hours, or 12 hours. This allows you to receive information at your desired pace.

Alliance Mark - The display location of the Alliance Mark has been optimized to make it more visually coherent.

4. Illusion Battlefield

To increase the efficiency of communication in the Illusion Battlefield, we have optimized the display of crucial information, expanded the methods of receiving information, and provided a more detailed and complete battle statistics report.

Optimized enemy/ally markers - quickly recognize yourself, your allies, and your enemies.

1) In the Battlefield: Territory names, troop marching routes, relocation destination markers, objective flags, and building names are now differentiated by color. Yours are yellow, allies are cream, and enemies are red.

2) Minimap: Member location markers, building markers, and portal area markers are now differentiated by color. Yours are yellow, allies are cream, and enemies are red.

3) Overview Map: Marching troops and territories are now differentiated by color. Yours are yellow, allies are cream, and enemies are red.

4) Violet of Spring and Occupation Notifications: Notification windows triggered by building occupations or Violet of Spring activations are now differentiated by color. Yours are yellow, allies are cream, and enemies are red.


Added push notifications for the following stages of the Illusion Battlefield:

1) When registration for the Illusion Battlefield begins, Alliance Leaders who meet the registration requirements will receive a push notification.

2) When you are matched with an opponent in the Illusion Battlefield, the primary forces and substitutes will receive a push notification.

3) 5 minutes before the start of the Illusion Battlefield pre-battle preparations, the primary forces and substitutes will receive a push notification.

4) 5 minutes before the Illusion Battlefield battle begins, the primary forces and substitutes will receive a push notification.

5) When substitutes can enter, and there are fewer than 40 players in the primary forces on the battlefield, primary forces members and substitutes who have not entered the battlefield will receive a push notification.


Added mail notifications:

1) Change of status: Players who have been appointed to or removed from the primary forces, substitutes, or Commander status will receive a mail notification.

2) Registration status: When an Alliance successfully registers or unregisters, the primary forces and substitutes will receive a mail notification.

3) Commander appointment: When a Commander is appointed or dismissed, all Alliance members will receive a mail notification.


Added usage tips for defense skills:

1) When the Hospital has no troops waiting to be healed, Heal cannot be used, and a tooltip will be displayed to indicate so. 

2) When a territory's Prosperity is full, Sturdy cannot be used, and a tooltip will be displayed to indicate so.


Added Illusion Battlefield statistics:

When the battle ends, you can view a detailed battle statistics report for both sides at the Illusion Battlefield interface. Newly added statistical content: 

1) Battlefield contribution 

2) Total troops killed 

3) Total troops seriously wounded 

4) Total Prosperity damage inflicted 

5) Tower occupation duration 

6) Sun Altar and Moon Altar occupation duration


Battle report storage:

To help you look back on previous battles, Illusion Battlefield battle reports will be saved like normal battle reports. Up to 300 Illusion Battlefield battle reports can be stored.


Fixed Illusion Battlefield balance issues:

1) Alliances are now matched based on the total highest historical Power of the top 40 players from among the primary forces and substitutes.

2) Reminders when an allied member is attacked by a rally are now sent when the enemy starts the rally. Previously, it was sent when the attack started.


5. Report Chats

While we respect freedom of speech, we also take a strong stand against abusive language, personal attacks, and fraud. Hence, we have introduced a chat reporting feature. We invite you to help us keep the chat a healthy and comfortable space for all. Please defend your personal rights while refraining from abusive speech.

Report coverage - You can report chat messages for spamming the chat, ads, fraud, pornography, harassment, offensive speech, or politically sensitive speech.

How to report - Tap and hold the chat message you want to report for 0.5 seconds, and the 'Report' button will pop up. Then, tap the 'Report' button, select your reason, and submit the report.

Penalties - Players who have been reported multiple times and are confirmed to have infringed upon our rules may be muted or even banned. Players who submit false reports may also be penalized.


6. Artifact Type Tabs

Added the following tabs for Artifacts based on type: All, Attack, Defense, Range, Magic, and Support. You can tap each tab to quickly view all Artifacts of that type. This makes searching for the Artifact you want more convenient.


7. Other Improvements

City starting level display:

The starting level of cities is now shown on the World Map, Alliance Territories information panel, and City Info panel.


1) Added a tip for daily deduction of Lord Honor for high-ranking nobility.

2) Optimized the display of Lord promotion and demotion rules to make promotion conditions and reasons for demotion clearer.

Battle reports:

Added a tip for max level Immortals. Immortals at max level cannot gain any more EXP, and so EXP earned will no longer be displayed for them.

⬤Game mode panel:

Improved visual effects have been added to the panel for entering the Well of Time, Contention of Relics, and Illusion Battlefield.



1. Immortal Skills

Baldwin IV: Chance of the ultimate skill's summoned tornadoes splitting changed to 75% for the first trigger and 25% for the second trigger. Previous trigger chance was always 50%.


2. Tower of Knowledge Skills

Chase: A cooldown time has been added to the original skill description of 'Each Crit has a 30% chance of dealing Magical Damage to all enemies.' The skill can now be triggered only once every 3 seconds.


3. Dodge

Dodge is now only effective against physical damage.


4. Artifact Attributes

The Energy Regeneration attributes on Artifacts have been doubled.


5. Provincial Orders

Bloody Rage duration reduction of the Governor's 'Quick Repair' order has been lowered from 100% to 50%.


That's all the changes coming with the 1.4 update. Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, then please feel free to get in touch with us over Facebook, Discord, VK, or any other official channels. The Gnomes are on the move, and thick clouds of steam are rising from their expeditionary bases. Meanwhile, mutated energy is bursting forth from fissures in the earth... In this time of great crisis, will you bravely take up the call to protect Norheim, and fight against the forces of evil once more? Share your thoughts with us!

The Infinity Kingdom Team