IK-Studio Q&A #2


Hello everyone! Ignatius is back again today, bringing you our second Studio Q&A!


1. A message from Server 4’s InFamousCzY: If illusion battlefield can replay the fight it will be more great.

Daye: Got it! We’ll work on adding a playback function in one of the next updates!


2. A question from Server 24’s Nog2800: eu quero restaura meu celular mas estou com medo de perde a conta. como faço? (I want to reset my phone, but what if I lose my account?)

Piou: Everyone! Please remember to bind your account!! If you failed to bind your account, just come ask customer service for help!


3. A message from Server 29’s SmgTheGreat: why are people still selling gems they spam our world chat like crazy. you need to add a report message button so we can report people for breaking game rules and have their accounts banned. people like that ruin the game for everyone.

kvmba: We’re currently working on a chat report function, that will be released in the next update! Until then, lords can filter messages in settings option (top left icon).


4. A message from Server 30’s yuhaba5: We need Arabic language

Shane: We’re always committed to finding the best translators and localizers to make the best game for you. After testing many different suppliers, we’ve finally found one! The Arabic version of our game is currently being translated, and will be released soon, so please be patient until then! We strive to get the Arabic version online ASAP~


5. A message from Server 51’s ChileAustral: Hola muchachos, mejoren la traducción del chat por favor, no está funcionando (Hey guys, the chat translate function doesn’t work)

Sammy: Thank you for letting us know! We’re currently searching for a better chat translate system to make the game better for you!


6. A question from Server 24’s Lord Dobbs: where do you find artifacts to apply to immortals?

Mipha: Immortals can only use artifacts that match their position. Artifacts can be created in the Forge using materials from the Mysterium, Market and more. There’s a more detailed guide on artifacts on our Facebook page, just type #artifact to view it! Even though artifacts may seem complicated, they’ll definitely enhance your troops!


7. A message from Server 9’s Rex: Create an AvA ranking system, at least to check the other alliance results and in the future maybe add a tournament for AvA , quarter finals, semi and finals sort of, with a betting system for green gems and more rewards

Wayne: Development of an Ava tournament is already underway! As well as a spectator system, so please be patient!


8. A message from Server 50’s Spacey: To.Producer Assistant:Did TinTin really hire everyone? Outstanding!!

TinTin: Yes! Definitely, thank you!


9. A message from Server 50’s LordSakai: To.Game Audioist: Music is great

BigKobe: Thank you! Everyone else, turn on the sound and enjoy our audio experience!


10. A question from Server 51’s Zan_Dyxel: Ke.Perancang Game: hei jennifer, will you my girlfriend? Lol

Jennifer: Sorry, the number of people that like me is endless, so get in line! Lol!