Infinity Kingdom Patch 1.0 Notes


As chill of winter is giving way to the warmth of spring, Infinity Kingdom will also be receiving a new version that is well polished. This update will include major changes to the Contention of Relics. Progressive rounds, more lucrative rewards, and more balanced Energy Cube output will allow you to get to the Contention of Relics more quickly and smoothly. The new diversionary magic of the Titantula will also greatly enhance your sense of participation and achievement. The Spring Fiesta will become accessible the day after this update. That's not all of it. There are Custom Avatars, Territory Decorations, and Art upgrades…. Read the full patch notes to discover more details about this update!



Territory Decorations

You will be able to change the appearance of your Territory as you like. The Shadow Dragon Themed Territory Decoration - Dark Fortress - can be obtained from the VIP Lvl. 15 Exalted Pack; the Forbidden Zone Themed Territory Decoration - Forbidden Zone Sovereign - can be won through the Contention of Relics; the Spring Fiesta Territory Decoration - Efflorescence and loads of other Territory Decorations will also be available soon.


Custom Avatars

You can select the photo of your choice from the album or take a photo directly to upload and use it as your new avatar after approval.




Titantula Clones

The Titantula will split into 3 clones that share the same HP bar and are scattered across the continent. To initiate, you can engage any one of the 3 clones, which will shorten your Relocation time to Titantula and allow you to participate in the chase more easily.

Better Rewards

In order to make the distribution of rewards more reasonable, we have fine-tuned the Damage Rewards and Killing Rewards.


Contention of Relics

Lowered Entry Requirements

Want to experience the intense and exciting Contention of Relics sooner? It will be unlocked earlier now. If you complete the corresponding Chronicle Events (14, 17, 20), you will be having access tothe corresponding rounds of the Contention of Relics in turn. As you climb higher up the ladder of contention, you will come across tougher enemies and collect shinier loots. The closing phase of 3rd round by followed by preparation phase. Thus begins the cycle.

Chronicle Event Notes:

Chronicle Event 14 - Counter Attack VI: Occupy 3 Provincial Capitals with starting levels of Lv.5 

Chronicle Event 17 - Kingdom's Glory III: Occupy 3 Provincial Capitals with starting levels of Lv.7 

Chronicle Event 20 - Kingdom's Glory V: Occupy 3 Provincial Capitals with starting levels of Lv.9


Adjusted Phase Length

In order to make the Contention of Relics more tightly paced and the dispute white-hot, we have re-planned the length of each phase and adjusted it to a preparation phase of 1 day, an open phase of 3 days and a close phase of 10 days.


Raised Guardians Rewards

Added extra Damage Rewards, the amount of which is proportional to the Damage dealt. Players will be able to get more from the Chaos Beasts than ever before, and will never return empty-handed again.


Energy Cube Output

Reprogrammed the output of Energy Cube to make it more balanced.


Adjusted Mysterious Shop

The shelves of the Mysterious Shop have been reorganized and a number of attractive items have been stocked. The shelves are also automatically matching with the Contention of Relics rounds.


Kingdom Supply

Better Supply: Added an extra BUFF for every kind of Supply. 



The developers made the following balance adjustments based on extensive game tests, as well as data analysis of player feedback & suggestions. All the number crunching, head scratching and comprehensive consideration are aimed to improve your gaming experience.


Immortal Skill


Reduce all damage received⇒ Reduce all physical damage received

Reduced Damage Taken: 9/12/15/18/21/24/27/30⇒10.5/14/17.5/21/24.5/28/31.5/35


Tower of Knowledge

Demon Body

Trigger Rate: 10%⇒7%


Will of Angels

Trigger Rate: 10%⇒7%


Rage Blessing

Target: all your troops⇒ your 3 random troops

Duration: 18s⇒12s


Energy Suppression

Target: 3 random enemy troops⇒ all enemies



Reformed the Rewards structure. Enriched the variety of rewards and reduced Gold output to balance your adventure experience


Alliance Technology

To prevent unbalanced Alliance development, the Alliance Technology level will be limited to Alliance Level


Nobility System

Fine-tuned the Honor required to achieve some Titles, making the Nobility System more streamlined



Fixed the Market refresh Bug to restore the balance of Immortal Soul Crystal output.



Reduced the rate of Gold production in all Capitals to balance Tax structure and to control the rhythm of occupation




The visual performance of Titantula will be upgraded full-scale, with more breathtaking animations and spectacular special effects to enhance your combat experience.



Scaly skin, enormous wings, a colorful crest, two luminescent eyes and a lordly bearing… It's the ultimate dragon in even cooler shape, available in the new version.


The above are all the details of the 1.0 version update. If you have any opinions or suggestions, feel free to connect us via Facebook or Discord. Your support and attention are the driving force to keep us going in a bright direction.

Infinity Kingdom Team